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A bat and a ball  , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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India out of T20 World Cup and Dhoni Captain uncool

16th June 2009

Over the past few days, whenever I watched news, I felt I am listening to Manu and his friends. The voices were of mature men but the words were of kids only. Manu gets into this bragging session with his friends some time "My dad can finish the glass of milk in one sip" and things like this. While talking about the "Team India" the news anchors were also in the same "mine is bigger than yours" pissing contest. It was sickening to hear them go on and on and on like that about the "dhurandars" in Indian team. The Indian team is out of the World Cup and what can you expect from the TV anchors with the mentality of the little kids. The exit from the world cap has been a tragedy they can't seem to overcome. Dhoni is suddenly the villain who must be thrown out suddenly the anchors will realise that he is spending way too much time in ads and other activities. Suddenly they will feel the success has not gone down well with him. Suddenly they are feeling that he has been very careless and maybe doesn't have the desire to win anymore.

Being upset with him is one thing but giving him advise in another. Even people who can't tell their crack from a deep gully are talking about how he should have arranged the field, how he should have changed the batting order and which bowler he should have selected for which over. I also get a lot of advice from people who have no understanding of what I am doing. It is often frustrating but I can find consolation in the fact that those may be the end users of the solutions we create so maybe they have a valid point. In case of Dhoni, it must be real hard.

Manu's daddy is strongest but even he is lot more understanding when his Daddy lets him down.

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