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A bottle of Tuborg Beer  , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Reservation for SSC kids

22nd June 2009

The government has announced a 90% reservation in Junior College (class 10) for SSC students. This means getting admission for kids from ICES, CBSE and other boards has become very difficult. Manu's school is affiliated to ICSE board so 11 years down the line, life is going to get tough for us. I hope I will not be in Bombay after 11 years but my hopes and wishes mean nothing. If they did, I would be out of here a very long time ago.

Till this morning I disliked people like Raj and Bal Thackeray. After reading this news, I feel it won't be inappropriate if I vote for them in the coming elections. The Congress government has taken this step keeping in mind the elections. Both Raj Thackeray and Congress are oppressing one part of the community at least Raj is not trying to disguise his dislike by trying to dress his actions as public benefit like Congress is.

Just like most kids study with the objective of passing an exam and not really to gain knowledge, the political parties make policies with the objective of winning elections and not for the good of people. Earlier it was all hidden but now it is in open. It is appalling that we don't find this mentality appalling.

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