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A bottle of Tuborg Beer  , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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To open a beer bottle

23rd June 2009

Yesterday some of you wondered what a bottle of beer was doing with a write up on reservation in schools. In the past I have written about things that are not related to the image but this time you have noticed it because the text and the image were so different.

Coming back to the bottle of Tuborg that you are likely to see for the rest of the week, let me tell you about one area where India made no progress till 2009. For years beer in other countries is available with twist-to-open caps. In India we have bottle caps that require a bottle opener. You don't want to know your parents that you are drinking beer and the pubs and bars are usually beyond reach so as a part of growing up in India, you are drinking beer while you usually don't have access to a bottle opener. As a result we have invented all sorts of bottle openers that range from your teeth to your "kada" to the lock of your car door.

Tuborg is the first beer bottle in India that can be opened without any opener; just pull the tab and its open. It is too late for me, I guess teenagers of today will be thankful for it...or maybe, at that age, the experience of drinking beer is not complete without using your teeth to open a bottle.

Check back tommorow for another shot of the bottle.

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