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A sketch of Michael Jackson I made in 1988  , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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This is it - RIP Michael Jackson

2nd July 2009

On 26th June, I don't know why I mentioned the name of Michael Jackson and my colleague told me very casually that he has died. I had to ask him to repeat it to understand we were both talking about the same person and then I did a search on Google before I finally accepted that Michael Jackson has died.

There are news about him in the papers till today but I guess this shouldn't surprise anyone, we never let such celebrities to stay out of news for long. Even now there are a lot of people who think Elvis is alive or he was abducted by aliens; a few days ago I read the news about a book on Jimi Hendrix that claimed he was killed by his manager. I waited till today to post this to ensure that he is really dead and all of this is not a publicity gimmick.

A lot has been written about him since his death so I don't want to write anything more. He is dead but like most celebrities he is more alive today than he ever was. In all the things I have read after his death, this is what I like the most.

Strange coincidence

When I read the news of Michael Jackson's death in the paper, what struck me is the fact that he shares his birthday with my childhood friend Nitesh and he died on my birthday last month.

This is a sketch of Michael Jackson I made way back in 1988.

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