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A close up of bark of an almond tree  , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Bark of almond tree

14th July 2009

This is the almond tree in front of my home. Apart from the gulmohur, crows sit on top of this tree as well during the rains. There are parrots as well on this tree which mostly are very hard to spot since they blend in with the leaves so well, so unless you have seen it flying into this tree and have kept a track of its movement, you can't find it. This shot was taken while waiting for Manu's school bus on one of those rare occasions when I was home and Manu had gone to school.

Slow speed car chase

I was discussing with a colleague why a “high speed car chase” is called a high speed car chase. The objective of the chasse is to get away from the chaser and the objective of the chaser is to catch up with the chasse and in doing so both would need to go as fast as they can. Considering this, shouldn't “car chase” be sufficient? I got my answer the other day while reading this news about a “slow speed car chase.

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