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A bottle of Blender's Pride whisky  , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Are you a blogaholic?

14th August 2009

I am not sure if this term exists but if we can have workaholics, we can have blogaholics as well. I was reading an interview of some rich and famous guy who mentioned quitting golf because he felt it was becoming an obsession. While Golf is good as a hobby, it can be dangerous as a distraction so he decided to stop playing golf. I was thinking about blogging in a similar way. While I love taking pictures and surf the net, I was getting the feeling that maybe it is becoming an obsession and I also can do well without such a distraction in my life and this is the reason I have not been blogging for a while.

I have decided to stop blogging temporarily, at least till the time I have taken care of some other responsibilities so expect a silence here. There will be occasional posts that you can track through the RSS feed. I will let you know once I am back full time.

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