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The Ganpati at our home, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Ganesha cures

25th August 2009

Manu likes to be an active participant in the puja for Ganpati. He put the garland around Ganpati's neck, put a tika on his forehead, made him offerings and also lighted the incense sticks. Unfortunately while he was doing that, the lit end of the incense stick broke and fell on the ground and rolled below his leg. He shouted, I initially thought it was just ash but still ran and got some water to apply there. My brother in the mean time noticed a hole in his shorts and applied some toothpaste on the burn (it is very effective in soothing a burn). I was afraid that Manu might suddenly lose his interest but nothing like that happened.

The next morning while we sat down for the aarti again, he said "If someone gets hurt or burnt during the puja, Ganpati come in the night to cure him."


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