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Manu sitting in front of the Ganesha idol at out home, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Ganpati going to his mommy

26th August 2009

Explaining the concept of immersing a god to a three and a half year old child is not easy so last year Mira told him that we are sending Ganesha to his mommy. This year too we gave him the same story. "Ganesh is going to his mama papa". This year Manu was actually able to stand at the edge of the pond and see the guys dipping our idol in the water. "Where are Ganesha's mama papa" he asked me. "They are not here but the way to his home is through water, I will show you a picture of his parents when we get home" Back home he again wanted to see who are Ganesha's parents and when Mira pointed out Shiva in the picture, Manu asked "OK, the one with a snake around his neck."


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