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Manu looking out our bedroom window, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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31st August 2009

He used to stand on pillows se he taller than the bed head and is able to see outside and preferred sitting in my or Mira's lap so he can have a better view. Time has changed, now he is almost five years old and no longer needs anything to be able to see outside, sadly the view outside the window has gone to ever since we have moved to our current house. When I took this photo, he was sitting on a chair that he had put on the bed. He was using the bead head as a table to colour his drawings.

I was hoping to post more pictures of Ganpati but I have run out of them. I thought I'd be able to take some shots on Thursday at the immersion site but sadly we won't have a half day off so can't do that either.


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