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Grass in a lawn of a gurudwara in Nangal, Punjab, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Please, do walk on the grass

15th September 2009

Walking on the grass and not having someone shout “Hey! get of the grass” is a luxury in cities like Bombay. As a child we were unaware of the concept of “keep off the grass”. There is a ground and grass grows on it, if you keep off it, were the hell will you walk. Now we are mostly walking on concrete, tarmac or paver stones and staying off the grass has become sort of second nature and we feel guilty of walking on grass even if it is not prohibited.

I would have loved to raise my son where he could walk on the grass like I did, where going out meant visiting a park, a museum and not a mall.


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