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Save this planet. Not for me, for yourself

17th January 2010

Looking around me, I often feel frustrated and angry by the way we are treating our planets. I have been in Bombay for only six years and I have witnessed so many green places being replaced by buildings. It is only one of the issues, there are so many around us. Every time I felt I should do something about it, I felt powerless. What can I do on my own? It was like the Total Reality Perspective Vortex from The Hitch Hiker's Guide to Galaxy that tells you that you are infinitely small dot on an infinitely small dot on an infinitely big universe.

The chances of one person making any big difference are small, I am no Al Gore. So I decided to try making a small difference. After thinking a lot about it I felt the best I can do is to create awareness. The most appropriate thing to do was to make a calendar based on the issues troubling us.

I have made a 12 sheet desk calendar that is available for download free. I can send you a printed calendar as well if you like for Rs.400. Out of which I will send Rs.250 (approx) to Greenpeace and WWF.

I am an infinitely small dot. You can help me connect to more such dots by spreading this message. If you are a blogger, a mention of the calendar along with a link will be appreciated. You can help by mailing the link to your friends as well. There is a blog that I have made where I will post my thoughts on environment. The url is http://2010.picturejockey.com

Thank you all and in case you are wondering why I have not been of your site for a long time and why I am talking about a calendar when 18 days of January are already over, stay tuned, info on that will some soon.


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