Today is my day... or maybe not, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Today is my day... or maybe not

20th October 2010

Some days are tough, it is very difficult to get even the simplest things done and you end you wasting all your energy without accomplishing much. Some days are what you call "your" days when your breeze through everything, accomplishing even those things that your expected would take very long. I try to make the most of those days. There is yet another kind of day which is very deceptive. It appears everything is happening perfectly but it doesn't always. Last Friday was like that. I called someone to repair my comp and they came within half an hour and took less than 20 minutes to fix the problem. I called up Airtel for a broadband connection and by the time I was through talking to the customer service, I had three missed calls from the sales guy who eventually landed up at my place in 15 minutes. It seemed like I'd be up and ready quite soon. But it only seemed like that. In reality, I am still trying to reach the sales guy who won't answer his phone. You can read more about it on Mental Floss


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