Making a splash - Manuraj playing in water at Aksa Beach

26th February 2010

Making a splash

The last ticket - A session pass from Andheri to CST via Vadala

21st February 2010

The last ticket

In september 2008, roughly an year after I started travelling by train, I posted an image of train tickets and wondered how long will be travelling by train. This is the last monthly pass I have bought. Early next month I am relocating to Delhi. The 6 and a half years we have spent in Bombay have a lot of memories-pleasent and well as unpleasents. You can read more about my experiences on Mental Floss.

Depending on the success or failure of my plans, I may end up travelling by metro once again and in conditions worse than Bombay. Agreed, the Delhi Metro is air conditioned but that doesn't compensate for a trip that will be almost twice as time consuming than the one in Bombay AND I will have to stand

Ford Mustang - A scale model of Ford Mustangr

5th February 2010

Ford Mustang

For some it is a toy, for some it is a collectable and it is hard for each of them to understand the viewpoint of the other.

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