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Living the moment - Bubbles in the bottle of Carlsberg beer

23rd February 2010

Living the moment

When you pour chilled beer, you get bubbles like this in the bottle. They are beautiful but last only for a few seconds. The moment is there, you can either enjoy it or you can crib about how short it is.

The Graduate - Glitter and cake on Manu's mouth and face after his Graduation Day

22nd February 2010

The Graduate

Here is our graduate after the graduation ceremony with glitter on his cheeks and cake in his mouth. I didin't notice it then but looking at his lips, they seem to be cloured.

On Mental Floss

Don't foregt to check out his video on Mental Floss if you have not already. My son has graduated and he is only 5

Manuraj and other Graduates of Montessori  - Manuraj and his classmates with John Abraham and Kalpana Lajmi

21st February 2010

Manuraj and other Graduates of Montessori

This is Manuraj on his Graduation day. He has graduated from Montessori to Primary School. John Abraham was among the guests and here you can see Manu looking at him. Manu's expression could be because John had just pulled both his cheeks just a minute ago. The video of the same and some other pictures can be seen on Mental Floss

On Mental Floss

My son has graduated and he is only 5

Ryan International School Graduation Day 2010 - Manuraj and other Graduates of Montessori with Kalpana Lajmi

19th February 2010

Ryan International School Graduation Day 2010

For those who don't know Manuraj, The face in the center of the picture belongs to him. The woman in white is Kalpana Lajmi and the woman next to her is Manu's teacher Rajshree. Not in frame is John Abraham who can be seen in tommorow's picture.

Glowing Elephant - Closeup of a lit lamp with an elephant pattern

19th February 2010

Glowing Elephant

At Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad we bought a lamp. It is carved out of a stone and has a pattern of these elephants. The globe is separate from the base and you can put a candle in it.

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Happy Valentine's Day from Shiv Sena and MNS - Red roses for Valentine's Day

14th February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day from Shiv Sena and MNS

The Valentine's day was bad in itself and it has coincided with the movie My name is Khan. People from Shiv Sena and MNS now have to vandalize theaters screening My name is Khan before they have to go out and beat up couples. Anyone walking holding hands is a target. I am thankful that I am safe because of Manu, I won't have dared to step out of home just with Mira.

Crisscross - Adidas canvas shoes with crisscross shoe lace

13th February 2010


What do you do when you see something you like? I say you buy it. I saw a pair of red shoes by Reebok but at that time I felt red was a little too funky. By the time I made up my mind to buy red shoes, Reebok had discontinued them. Some years later I went to buy running shoes and once agin saw red shoes but this time in canvas. I didn't want to buy two pairs of shoes and I needed a running shoes. About an year later I decided to by those red canvas shoes. By this time both Adidas and Reebok had discontinued them. I don't know how many stores I visited before I finally found these.

...and we lost our hands for nothing! - Chand bibi ka maqbara at Aurangabad

8th February 2010

...and we lost our hands for nothing!

A lot of It companies don't allow you to take digital media like USB drives, CDs, outside computers, mobile phone with a camera in the office to prevent data theft. If you think it is a new practice, consider the steps taken by Shahjehan when he made the Taj Mahal. It is said, whether true or false that he cut off the hands of all the workers who made the Taj Mahal so they won't be able to make something like Taj Mahal again.

Little did he knew that his own grandson will make a replica of the Taj Mahal in less than 50 years.

The cold marble floor feels nice - Manu on the marble floor of Chand Bibi ka Maqbara

7th February 2010

The cold marble floor feels nice

Two photographer not just meant pictures of me; it also meant a lot more photographs. Since my brother was there, Manu was busy with him so I got more time to take pictures. Every time I think about making a gallery of pictures from the trip, I am discouraged by the sheer number of pictures I took.

The work is getting hectic which makes the gallery seem a little more out of reach. Let's see when I am able to upload it.

An artist at Ellora Caves - An artist at making a sketch at Ellora Caves

5th February 2010

An artist at Ellora Caves

I saw him sketching and I asked if it's okay to take his picture and he agreed. After taking some shots I showed them to him and asked if he would like me to send him the picture. "No" he said. The No changed to a Yes when I told him that I am not a commercial photographer who is expecting money in return of the pictures.

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