Manu at the window of the plane on our flight from Mumbai to Delhi, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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So long Mumbai...

13th May 2010

Our belongings fit in a Fiat Taxi when we moved to Bombay more than 6 years ago. For a very long time Mira and I used to look at a Ford Endeavour parked in our building and used to think why can't we just pack our stuff in this SUV and just get the hell out of here. Little later Mira made an observation "Now our stuff won't fit in an SUV, we will need a one tonner". Eventually we moved out of Bombay with our luggage not in an SUV, not in a one tonner but in a truck. Strangely leaving Bombay didn't make me feel like I am getting out of a confinement as I always thought. On the contrary I felt sad. Here is Manu looking at the only city he knows one last time.

He has been incredibly brave and open to change. While leaving behind everything he knows, he appeared incredible well composed... A lot more mature than me.

This is the first time I have not made a single post in a calendar month. I have just moved to Delhi, have been insanely busy at work, had no internet connection at home. I'm back, lets see how frequently I can post.

You may want to read Bombay - the city I always loved to hate... and I hate to say I started loving on Mental Floss.


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