Manu showing his missing tooth Mumbai, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Look pa, no teeth

20th May 2010

A few days ago Manu complained of pain in his tooth and blamed the papad he just ate for it. Later we realized that tooth is getting loose and is coming out. It stayed there for a few days and one day when we came back home from market, Manu felt the tooth with his tongue and found it missing. He confirmed it by looking in the mirror. He was disappointed because he lost his tooth, literally. Most likely he ate it with something at the market but we assured him that it must have fallen off on the grass when he was in the park and tooth fairy will find it and will leave a gold coin under his pillow. The next morning he was very happy to see the gold coin. Now he shows me his missing tooth and tells me "Do you see that small hole, the new tooth will come out of there and will grow this much" indicating the height of his other teeth.


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