No beer... not even a single bottle, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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No beer... not even a single bottle

28th September 2010

If you find the idea of waiting period of years for things like an Ambassador car, a telephone or even a Bajaj scooter hard to believe, the concept of not having a beer in a bottle shop even crazier, yet that did happened. I remember once going to a bottle shop to be greeted by a sign “Beer nahin hai. Ek bhi nahin hai.” Which translate to “We don't have beer, not even a single bottle.” India is a country where people believe more in oral communication than signs. I can imagine a sign saying “No Beer” and a customer approaching the shop keeper “Beer nahin hai? Dekh le yaar, ek aadh botal padi hogi” (No beer, please check again, there must be one bottle hidden somewhere) so the sign must have been changed to add “not even a single bottle”


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