Opportunities lost, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Opportunities lost

11th January 2011

“Top of the world!” was the instant feeling I had when I read a mail from Volkswagen inviting me to take pictures of the Beetle. However as I let the feeling sink in, I also started slowly descending to earth. I am not doing any earth-shattering, ground-breaking unique work. Hell, I am not even a professional photographer. I am invited because I am a photoblogger and if I am invited, a lot of others would have been invited too. In a few mail exchanges it became clear that it is a marketing initiative of Volkswagen for which they have invited some photobloggers to get some mileage out of their blogs and while it is good enough to spread word about the car, no marketing initiative is difinitive enough that something else can't be programmed around that like a contest or something.

How important was my participation? Well, Volkswagen didn't want to pay for my ticket to Bombay, and my itch to click the new beetle was not strong enough to pay for it meyself.

All that said and done, I am still disappointed to miss that opportunity. I am waiting for a similar event to be organised in Delhi... and another invitation.


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