Diwali light - Lights on my window

24th November 2011

Diwali light

Aane ke hi saath jagat mein kehlaya jaane wala. Swagat ke hi saath vida ki hoti dekhi tayaari.

This is a line from Madhushaba by Dr. Hariwansh Rai Bachhan and it translates to - The moment someone comes to this world, he is known as someone who will one day leave. At the welcome, I saw the prepararions of farewell. There is no better place to see this than an Indian wedding. The wedding is still in progress when the tent house people start pulling down the tents and the decorations and by the time the wedding ceremony is complete, they are setting up that very same material at another wedding planned to the next day.

We are also always 2-3 hours behind the schedule in a wedding ceremony and a lot of people have already had their dinner even before the bride and the groom reach the venue.

Two's company - One night blooms

22nd November 2011

Two's company

Its the wedding season. In the next 8 days, I will be attendin 3 weddings. As a child I used to get quite excited but now I find a wedding invitation quite stressful, specially is spaced like this.

Tiny white flowers - One night blooms

19th November 2011

Tiny white flowers

These flowers are from a tree in the neighbourhood. They start to bloom in the night and fall in the morning.

Revolver - Chinese made cracker pistol

15th November 2011


Same pistol as yesterday. This doesn't work but I have to say this look pretty decent. As I mentioned yesterday, I bought about half a dozen of cracker pistols for Manu on Diwali but all of them combined couldn't last till Diwali. I never bought these many pistols in my entire childhood and I am sure the thought of buying two in case I break one didn't ever occured to my dad. Only one was bought because we could be sure that it WILL work and not just for a few minutes but will last me a couple of Diwalis at least. I wish I could have the same confidence in the things I am buying now.

Happy Diwali from China - A poor quality Chinese cracker pistol

14th November 2011

Happy Diwali from China

Laxmi is worshipped on Diwali and somewhere in China, a small factory owner is sitting in his office is doing just that - counting the rupee notes.

Back here in Noida and Delhi, I am visiting A poor quality Chinese cracker pistols stalls in markets and sending a small installment of Godess Laxmi's bessing to China by paying for these pistols. During Diwali, I spend about 500 bucks on these pistols and all in vain as they just refuse to work. Knowing how price sensitive the Indian market is, China is pushing the cheapest of stuff here. I don't have a problem with it, if there is a market for it, sure go ahead and sell it, however I do have a problem with the fact that all the shopkeepers are aiming at the lowest common denominator and it is almost impossible to buy good quality pistols even if one tries.

Dance of fire - Firecracker

4th November 2011

Dance of fire

It is interesting to watch a picture like this. This is "ground chakkar". When lit, it rotates on the ground at a very high speed, throwing a stream of fire. When you see it, they all to seem to be moving in a straight line, however in a shot like this, you can see the actual path.

Quickgun Murugan - Manu holding a fire cracker pistol

3rd November 2011

Quickgun Murugan

Yesterday I mentioned getting some good shots on Diwali, this is one of them. This is also the first time that I posted a picture on Facebook before posting it here. These pistols are quite cheap which is why they work out to be quite expensive. More on this tomorrow.

Circle of light - Long exposure of Manu and a phuljhadi

1st November 2011

Circle of light

A repetition of last year. In my previous post I mentioned how it becomes difficult to keep taking different and good shots of the same place/thing/event. Diwali shots this year has not been very different from last year, however there are some shots that are different and good as well. Now I am wondering why I am posting this picture instead of those ones.

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