Red Moon - The last lunar eclipse of 2011

27th December 2011

Red Moon

The last lunar eclipse of the year happened on our wedding anniversary on the 10th of this month. When I saw the moon for the first time that night I didn't knew it was a full moon. I called Mira, Nitesh and Ila from inside "look, the moon looks like it is done in Photoshop." Everyone else was also wondering why the dark portion of the moon was looking so fake. It was only after some time that we realized that it was an eclipse. All the pictures I took have this pink/red tint.

Sula champagne - Cork of Sula Champagne bottle

9th December 2011

Sula champagne

In the end you regret things you didn't do more than the ones you did. There is a long list of thing to regret labeled "Things I could have done while I was in Bombay" and a wine tour of Sula in Nasik.

Oye Bubbly - Cork of Sula Champagne bottle

6th December 2011

Oye Bubbly

What is the easiest way to define what Champagne is? Wine with soda?

Make a wish and blow the candles - Manu on his seventh birthday

5th December 2011

Make a wish and blow the candles

On 3rd December Manuraj turned seven. Here he is blowing the candles on the cake. This year it was a WALL-E cake.

Diwali light - Lights on my window

24th November 2011

Diwali light

Aane ke hi saath jagat mein kehlaya jaane wala. Swagat ke hi saath vida ki hoti dekhi tayaari.

This is a line from Madhushaba by Dr. Hariwansh Rai Bachhan and it translates to - The moment someone comes to this world, he is known as someone who will one day leave. At the welcome, I saw the prepararions of farewell. There is no better place to see this than an Indian wedding. The wedding is still in progress when the tent house people start pulling down the tents and the decorations and by the time the wedding ceremony is complete, they are setting up that very same material at another wedding planned to the next day.

We are also always 2-3 hours behind the schedule in a wedding ceremony and a lot of people have already had their dinner even before the bride and the groom reach the venue.

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