Giving free range a whole new meaning - A monkey with two ice cream cones

26th February 2011

Giving free range a whole new meaning

A man was holding two cones of ice creams at the zoo where this money approached him and stood in front of him with an out stretched hand.

I'll take that."
"Sure, here you go"
"And that too"
"You want both?"
"All right, here you are"

The man walked away empty handed or maybe headed back to the ice cream booth.

Interestingly enough I was following this monkey from earlier. Before the ice creams he ate a banana sitting on top of a cage. He also had a news paper with him which I picked up. I guess this news explains his fondness for ice cream. Do read it, it gives the words organic, free-range and natural a completely new meaning.

Is it safe in here? - A bird of prey

25th February 2011

Is it safe in here?

The little yellow bird, scared of all the other birds of prey and other dangers of living in the open was amused to see this one in a cage and wondered how nice it would be to inside the protection of the cage.
“Is it all right if I come in?”
“Sure, there is plenty of room here.”
There indeed was plenty of the stomach of this bird.

The sharper the better, both - pencils and mind - close up of an sharpner

23rd February 2011

The sharper the better, both - pencils and mind

You have not heard the last of onions... neither of J&B. They will come back but to avoid an overdose, lets have something different.

...and an onion is mightier than a pen

22nd February 2011

...and an onion is mightier than a pen

Keeping up with the time and considering the revolution in Egypt, the quote needs to be changed to "Facebook is mightier than a sword". However, an onion is mightier than the Facebook as it also has the power to bring down a government. We have seen that happen in the past and during the onion price hike recently, we have seen how prompt and eager the government was to control the rising prices of onions.

While you were away - Sprouted onions

21st February 2011

While you were away

...this onion was busy creating life. Now I am wondering, this has three shoots coming out of it and if I were to plant it, how many onions will I get. Any farmers out there?

Playing at baseline again - A sprouted onion

20th February 2011

Playing at baseline again

A player on the baseline doesn't have a very real chance of winning the point. Sometimes life is just like that. It keeps throwing things at you do your best to just keep. The week is okay but it gives you a very different feeling on the weekends when at the end of it, you lie in your bed, exhausted, while not having done anything you love doing, waiting for another week to begin.

Manu and leaf - Manu holding a leaf

19th February 2011

Manu and leaf

I will judge you by how good you make me look if you are providing me a service. It is unfortunate that you have to perform 100% to make me look average and any performace less than that will make me look bad.

Happy Valentine's Day - A bottle of J & B Whisky

14th February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Boy takes flowers for the girl. The girl takes the flowers. Boy and girl go on a date. Boy comes back and tells his friend who says "Chal daaru pite hain."

Boy takes flowers for the girl; the girl doesn't take the flowers. Boy gets depressed, goes to his friend who says "Chal daaru pite hain."

On Valentine's Day, doesn't matter what happens to the romance, the people who make money are those who make booze... or those who make chocolates and other gifts, restaurants, hotels, cinemas and others businesses that attract young lovers they way bug zappers attract bugs. Before you say how commercialised our festivals have become, let me tell you it has always been like this. Remember the people who made most money during the California Gold rush were not gold diggers, but people who sold equipment to them.

Is it Whisky or Whiskey - A bottle of J & B Whisky

11th February 2011

Is it Whisky or Whiskey

About 50 people gathered on the 4th of July 1776 to sign the declaration of independence. That would give the Americans freedom from Britain. A few decided not to sign it but most did. The second document that was to be signed that day was to adopt another language instead of English. Spanish or French were options but the hardship of learning a new language prevented most of the people from signing it. While they could not reach a consensus on the language, were united in their dislike of everything British and purely out of spite, they settled for a diluted declaration of national language which planed to make changes in the English language itself. Centre became center; colour became color and so on.

One would have hoped that they would have agreed on the spelling of something as good as this...

Only the finest make here - A bottle of J & B Whisky

10th February 2011

Only the finest make here

Yesterday I mentioned selecting images for the blog. So how do I exactly select the images that go on this blog. Well, I divide the images into smaller chunks of similar images, and then I select the best from those. Once I have a smaller group, I start refining them further; sometimes it involves editing the images in Photoshop to see which ones work the best. After that I am left with even a smaller group. I keep picking images one by one for posting here. When I feel there have been enough pictures of the same kind posted here, I post the rest on Flickr.

Justerini & Brooks - A bottle of J & B Whisky

9th February 2011

Justerini & Brooks

Shooting pictures is not even the job half done. It is only the beginning. A digital camera allows you to take so many more shots than you would have taken on a film. It is good to have options but the task of selecting good images can be an uphill task. After ignoring them for a long time, I have finally decided to shortlist images from past few photo shoots. The lucky first is the bottle of Justerini & Brooks. Expect to see a few more shots of the same bottle.

Spot the parrot - A parrot on a mango tree

8th February 2011

Spot the parrot

Parrots are fond of fruits. I used to see them on the almond tree outside our building in Bombay and then I saw this one on a mango tree in Delhi. Because of their colour, it is practically impossible to spot them on a tree. The only way you can see them is keep tracking them as they go to the tree and don't take your eyes off them.

I guess I need a power nap - A duck at Delhi zoo

7th February 2011

I guess I need a power nap

Soon we'll be missing this - Manuraj at Aksa beach

6th February 2011

Soon we'll be missing this

This definitely is an advantage Bombay has over Delhi.

Time to reacquaint myself with an old friend - Closeup of a beer can

2nd February 2011

Time to reacquaint myself with an old friend

The short Delhi winters are about to be over. In a few days, it will be time to pack away the woolens for about 10 months. Then it will be time to brace yourself for the Delhi heat. I love the winter and I loved last monsoon but the summer is really killing and on a hot afternoon, the company I really seek is a chilled beer. What about you?

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