Happy Valentine's Day, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Happy Valentine's Day

14th February 2011

Boy takes flowers for the girl. The girl takes the flowers. Boy and girl go on a date. Boy comes back and tells his friend who says "Chal daaru pite hain."

Boy takes flowers for the girl; the girl doesn't take the flowers. Boy gets depressed, goes to his friend who says "Chal daaru pite hain."

On Valentine's Day, doesn't matter what happens to the romance, the people who make money are those who make booze... or those who make chocolates and other gifts, restaurants, hotels, cinemas and others businesses that attract young lovers they way bug zappers attract bugs. Before you say how commercialised our festivals have become, let me tell you it has always been like this. Remember the people who made most money during the California Gold rush were not gold diggers, but people who sold equipment to them.


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