Made with cow's milk, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Made with cow's milk

26th March 2011

"Made in China" I used to tell my friends, back in a time when "Made in China" was not supposed to be derogatory remark. I was talking about my pencils and erasers that we had picked up during our tour of Hong Kong, being the son of an Indian Airlines' employee definitely had its perks. It almost created a class system in my class, people who had the nice, white erasers that left the paper clean and smudge free and those who used the kind of erasers I mentioned in the previous post.

In those days I enjoyed standing out as much as I now enjoy blending in. The journey of life does transform you... sometimes completely.

About today's title, when I was in primary schoool, some of the kids also used to say that the white erasers are made of milk and I felt it was completely idiotic. Years later in Bombay when Prashant compared paneer to Staedtler, it didn't sound all that stupid after all.


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