Is the keyboard mightier than a pen - A parker fountain

30th April 2011

Is the keyboard mightier than a pen

The pen is mightier than a sword. They keyboard is even mightier than a pen because it can spread your message a lot wider and a lot quicker since it is connected to the whole world. Egypt has seen how powerful it is.

What are you using it for?


26th April 2011


I don't usually do such kind of PP on my images but I thought I should give it a try once.

Roll the dice - three red transparent dice

17th April 2011

Roll the dice

Did you know that the sum of opposite sides of a dice is always seven? Check it out yourself.

Super moon - the moon when it was closest to earth

6th April 2011

Super moon

“Dad, why are there holes on the surface of moon?”
“Those were dug up by people.”
“No seriously, tell me why?”
“You know the moon was completed on a very tight deadline and the quality of construction was not very good.”
“Never mind, I will look it up in my encyclopedia”

This is a conversation I had with Manuraj. My response was inspired by the responses of Calvin's dad from Calvin and Hobbes whenever he asks such a question.

Another milestone - A blue superbike

3rd April 2011

Another milestone

Another milestone today, have completed one year in Delhi. How was the year? Could have been a lot better.

Afridi's favorite diet - Manu with a smiley ball in his mouth

2nd April 2011

Afridi's favorite diet

Manu asked me to take a picture like this. While I clicked it, I was reminded of the incident in Australia where he "was eating a ball as if it was an apple". This is what the commentator said while all he was trying to do was keep Pakistan's legacy of ball tempering alive (which even Hitler felt was complete stupidty). On 30th of last month however, he defied what Pakistan usually do. He was a graceful loser and even congratulated the Indian team and wished them well for the finals today. Back home also he has answered questions by the reporters in the most uncharacteristic way. He has displayed maturity which I never knew he had.

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