My personal IVR - an HTC phone

28th May 2011

My personal IVR

The only thing worse than suffering an injury is to keep recounting the experience to everyone. I have come up with a very good idea for this - an IVR.

Press 1 if you want to know how exactly it happened.

Press 2 if you want to know the details of surgery.

Press 3 to know how I am right now.

Press 4 for address and directions.

At any time, press 0 to return to main menu or press 9 to speak to me.

So how did the bone actually broke - A flower

24th May 2011

So how did the bone actually broke

I have not seen the movie JFK but I remember watching a part of it where Kevin Costner was explaining the path of the bullet that hit Kennedy. Just like there is no satisfactory answer to who shot Kennedy, there is no satisfactory answer to how Mira broke her leg. Neither Mira, nor her sister who was with her could explain what exactly happened. The fall was not very nasty, just a few inches, neither can they figure out how Mira broke her right leg, and that too at two places, while she fell on her left.

...but God had different plans - A Parker fountain pen

23rd May 2011

...but God had different plans

Last Saturday was the first day of Manu's summer vacation. He was looking forward to visiting Chandigarh and Nangal but all his plans were scattered like skittles in just one stroke. Mira had gone for shopping with her sister where she fell down and fractured her leg in two places which required surgery to fix it. By the time Mira gets back on her feet, Manu's holidays will be over.

With all his friends already away, visiting some place or the other and noone else to plat with, I asked him if he would like to play badminton with me. He was very happy. However when I stepped out of the home, he asked me why we were going out instead of playing in our own yard. "Why, are you ashamed to play with you dad?" I asked him and look at the honesty of the boy, he sheepishly said "Yes."

Look at that! Lucky again! - A red transparent dice with the six facing up

12th May 2011

Look at that! Lucky again!

After looking at yesterday's shot, if you too were wondering if I was lucky enough to get three sixes, then let me tell you that no, I was not. I had arranged the dice like that just for the shot, just like this one. I have quite a few other shots of dice as well but I guess they need to go on Flickr.

Six again - Three red dice with six facing up

11th May 2011

Six again

Can you rely on law of probability? - Three red dice with six facing up

10th May 2011

Can you rely on law of probability?

A long time ago I used a dice with 6 on each side to position myself. The idea was that you can't rely on probability when it comes to communicating your message, any way you roll it; you are guaranteed to come up with a six. Was I really good enough to make a claim like that? Well, I guess I was. Looking back at some of the assignments I had at that time and how I performed in those, I'd say it was not a tall claim without any substance.

I guess sometimes it is good to remember the past. Things are not the same all the time and during the ups and down, doubts are cast over your abilities, sometime by others but mostly by yourself and at times like those, your past achievements can provide you the moral support you need to sail over the rough tides.

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