...but God had different plans, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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...but God had different plans

23rd May 2011

Last Saturday was the first day of Manu's summer vacation. He was looking forward to visiting Chandigarh and Nangal but all his plans were scattered like skittles in just one stroke. Mira had gone for shopping with her sister where she fell down and fractured her leg in two places which required surgery to fix it. By the time Mira gets back on her feet, Manu's holidays will be over.

With all his friends already away, visiting some place or the other and noone else to plat with, I asked him if he would like to play badminton with me. He was very happy. However when I stepped out of the home, he asked me why we were going out instead of playing in our own yard. "Why, are you ashamed to play with you dad?" I asked him and look at the honesty of the boy, he sheepishly said "Yes."


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