Strong as an elephant?, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Strong as an elephant?

27th June 2011

A market will make you do what it wants. It has forced Carlsberg to come up with a strong beer. I guess the people behind this were really annoyed by it. Here is how the conversation might have gone like.

“We are still not able to give competition to Kingfisher”
“That's bad. You know we make much better beer than Kingfisher. But you know what...”
“Yeah, yeah I know. The Indians want a "strong" beer. Why can't they just drink rum?”
“You won't believe what I am just about to tell you”
“The news from Copenhagen is that we are also going to launch a strong beer”
“And we are to think of a name for it”
“That's fuckin insane. Let's call it Rum beer. and have a tagline 'Punch of Rum in a glass of beer'”
“No, seriously”
“Well, then, think of something strong, a Jumbo jet.”
“Not jet, just jumbo. Let's call it Elephant.”
“Whatever, I am going for a beer, you want one?”
“Ya, get me a 'strong' one”


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