The final shot - Last in the shots of Carlsberg Elephant beer

30th August 2011

The final shot

Here is the last shot in this series. I will be posting a few on Flickr. Carlsberg Strong out of the way, I am thinking of what next to post. There are a few shots of various things I have been meaning to pist here for some time but haven't got around to. I guess September will be their lucky month.

Refreshing - Can of Carlsberg Strong beer

29th August 2011


Tastes best when chilled. Sure. Tastes even better when it is really hot and you are thirsty.

Carlsberg Strong - Close up of a can of Carlsberg Strong beer

28th August 2011

Carlsberg Strong

Another shot of Carlsberg Strong beer.

Elephant - Close up of a can of Carlsberg Strong beer

27th August 2011


Apparently the elephant is having the time of his life. He has been endorsing fevicol for a very long time and now he has got another brand - Carlsberg Strong Beer.

0 to 60 what? - A snail in my garden

26th August 2011

0 to 60 what?

You talk about how many seconds your car takes to from 0 to 60. I guess this snail will not cover 60 KM in its lifetime.

Everything is the way it is for some reason and I guess the reason for "blazing" speed of snails is to teach humans the virtue of patience.

And the history repeats itself - A macro of four marbles

25th August 2011

And the history repeats itself

In a previous post I mentioned I never few a kite and didn't play with marbles, that said, my childhood was not without these things. I had a few friends with whom I used to fly a kite. I couldn't get the kite up in the air myself but once it was there, I could hold the string and was good enough to ensure the kite doesn't get stuck in a tree of cables or something like that. I sometimes played with marbles but not as much as most other kids. In spite of that I had a big enough collection of marbles. My brother used to borrow a few sometimes, only to return even more. Now did that teach me a lesson in investment? Judging by my finances, I guess I learned nothing.

Marbles #3 - Stack of marbles

24th August 2011

Marbles #3

Shot number 3 for marbles. There is one more to go. My previous monitor lasted me 10 years but the new one has stopped working in only a few months. Can't find the bill which I will need to take this back to the company. I guess the time is right for me to trade my dektop for a laptop.

Missing elements of childhood - Stack of marbles

18th August 2011

Missing elements of childhood

You are never too old to...(insert your activity here). Well, guess what? You ARE too old for a few things. When I look back at my childhood, I see a bunch of things that other kids do but I never did and now I can't do those. One is flying a kite. I never learned how to do it and now I just don't have enough time to learn it. I never played with marbles and now even if I want to, I can't find company for it.

Why not outsource it to Pakistan? - five rupee coin commemorating 125 birth anniversary of Dr. Rajendra Prasad

2nd August 2011

Why not outsource it to Pakistan?

While talking to my friend I realised that India doesn't print its own currency notes. It it is true, it is a matter of great shame that so many small time, big time operators are printing Indian currency in Pakistan and our Reserve Bank is going overseas to get it printed. If we could just invite bids from some Pakistani vendors, we would be able to get our currency printed for much less.

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