And the history repeats itself, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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And the history repeats itself

25th August 2011

In a previous post I mentioned I never few a kite and didn't play with marbles, that said, my childhood was not without these things. I had a few friends with whom I used to fly a kite. I couldn't get the kite up in the air myself but once it was there, I could hold the string and was good enough to ensure the kite doesn't get stuck in a tree of cables or something like that. I sometimes played with marbles but not as much as most other kids. In spite of that I had a big enough collection of marbles. My brother used to borrow a few sometimes, only to return even more. Now did that teach me a lesson in investment? Judging by my finances, I guess I learned nothing.


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