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Fresh fries from KFC - just 4 weeks old , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

8th May 2012

Fresh fries from KFC - just 4 weeks old

What all do we eat in the name of fast food. I know that to maintain a consistent taste from one store to another, one city to another and one country to another, there is a great deal of industrialization. French fries or chips come to these store pre cooked and all the untrained staff at store has to do is fry them at a specific temperature for a specific duration. However I never thought what actually goes in that food till I saw these.

I flew to Bangalore on 10th of April and on 5th of May I had the use the same bag I took with me to Bangalore. In that bag I found some fries I bought at Delhi airport. These fries are 25 days old but still look like they have just come out of fryer. While raw potatoes last for a very long time, anyone who has cooked potatoes knows they have a very small life span. Cooked potatoes are the first thing that rots even when refrigerated, very often we have to throw away food just because it has potatoes and they have gone off. But look at these fires! They have not lost the shine even after lying in a bag for 25 days.

Have you wondered how hard your body has to work to digest something that, even after 25 days, dehydrates and dries up like wood but won't get any fungus or smell bad?

Disclaimer - I have nothing against KFC (in particular). I am sure McDonalds and other stores serve the same unhealthy food. You should also not take nutrition tips from an overweight patient of hypertension :)


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