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I'm in building A, top floor , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

31st May 2012

I'm in building A, top floor

“Hi! I'm having truoble locating your nest”
“Where are you right now”
“I'm above Skynest nesting society.”
“Ok, keep flying north east for another 3 KMs, you will see our Falcon sky city.”
“There you will find a giant Bird bath, you can't miss it. Third tower on the right is ours. I'm on top floor.”
“Got it”
“BTW, if you have Google Maps, you can find some pictures of home tagged by me, they'll be helpful in locating me. ”

Wondering if the birds had faced the same problem with population as we are experiencing, how would they have coped with it, specially when there are less and less trees around to make nests. Would they have moved to apartments from independent houses as well?

These nests with birds were on sale in Dilli Haat and the same people who would have shooed away any bird entering their house would have bought these to display in their living rooms.

Somehow makes me proud that we welcomed a crow in our home