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30th April 2005 :: Big Bite
Big Bite
This hair clip reminds me of the teeth of Piranhas. A lot of my (relatively) good shots happen by chance and this is no exception.
29th April 2005 :: Heart of Gold
Heart of Gold
Well the plants are gone and their place has been taken by Mira's jewelry and accessories. This is one of the present she got on our wedding.
28th April 2005 :: Lips : Photofriday-Soft
Lips : Photofriday-Soft
The subject for my photograph for the last week's photofriday was Manuraj and this week also it is him. The subject is soft and I didn't have to think too much after looking at him.
27th April 2005 :: Maize
This is the fourth and last in the pictures of plants/flowers. I guess this is a plant of Maize growing outside my home on the Link Road. Must be because of some seeds thrown by someone for pigeons. Tomorrow I plan to post something different.
26th April 2005 :: Flowers
Another of the pictures of the plants. I am planning to post one more tomorrow before posting something else.
25th April 2005 :: Flower
Taken on the same day as the leaf, this flower was in a pot kept at the boundary between the Greenfields and RNA Heights.
24th April 2005 :: Leaf
Another experiment with the close-up feature of my camera. I took quite a few images and some of them turned out quite sharp but for some weird reason, I liked this blurred one better than the rest
23rd April 2005 :: A ride to Knightsbridge
A ride to Knightsbridge - London Bus
This is the photo of the same model from front. In this the bus looks more like a model due to the grille and the headlamps.
22nd April 2005 :: Fares Please
Fares Please - London Bus
I didn't get an opportunity to ride a double-decker in Bombay in 18 months but managed it in London. I really like double-decker buses. I guess that is why I bought this model on my way back home.
21st April 2005 :: Sleep : Photo Friday - Rest
Manujaj sleeping. The picture submitted for Phot friday challenge Rest
I have taken quite a few pictures of Manuraj in his sleep. This is the latest one. This images also happens to be my second entry in the photofriday.
20th April 2005 :: “Shaken, not stirred”
Shaken, not stirred, the bottle of Vodka I bought for the new year.
Although I don't really get excited by new year but I still thought to celebrate it with a little drink. It was not a Martini as the title suggests but a Bloody Mary and this is the bottle of Vodka I bought on my way home on 31st of December.
19th April 2005 :: Time
After I did this image for today's entry, I was reminded of the countless mails I keep getting for Rolex replica watches and a Dilbert strip where Dogbert was sending Spam mails "Convert your body fat into a Rolex"
18th April 2005 :: “I’m too sexy for my shirt...”
“I’m too sexy for my shirt”
...or so he seems to be saying. Taking a cue from Salman Khan, he is trying to take off his shirt.
17th April 2005 :: Eyes wide open
Eyes wide open
I was planning to post some more images of the beach but then couldn't really find any more decent images of beach. So here is one image of Manuraj. He seems to be acting a like a puffer fish, trying to scare me.
16th April 2005 :: Up, up, up and down
Up, up, up and down
As promised another picture taken at on the Juhu beach. The guy seen here is actually hanging on to a ride and no it's not an accident. These rides are not powered by electricity, these are run by these guys. First they keep pushing to get it going and to stop it, they would use their weight by hanging on to it. One hell of a workout.
15th April 2005 :: Pao Bhaji on the beach
Pao Bhaji on the beach
Juhu is probably the most popular and the most crowded beach in Bombay and any place that attracts people is a good business opportunity for the vendors. The beach is lined with stalls selling everything from pao-bhaji to kalla-khatt and keyrings to fancy bags. Sometimes you feel that you are in a market, not on a beach.In the next couple of days, I will be posing more pictures of the beach.
14th April 2005 :: The morning moon
The morning moon
At different sizes, the moon appears at a different place throughout it's transition from full moon to new moon and back. When the moon is full, usually it can be seen in the north-east early in the morning. This picture was taken on one of the full moon night...well actually morning.
13th April 2005 :: Look into my eyes
Look into my eyes
This is Manuraj's toy and this is my first entry in photo friday. The theme is Plastic.
12th April 2005 :: Bomb
The same car, shot from a different angle. Notice the head light, it has water from last monsoon.
11th April 2005 :: Bomb
This is a car parked in the parking of my society. It has been used by stray dogs as a shelter and a loo, by young kids as a graffiti canvas. I saw this car being driven and parked where it is parked now and then the elements reducing it what it is today.
10th April 2005 :: Pied piper
Pied piper
Third in the series, this picture was also taken at the same spot of Ganpati visarjan. This guy is selling flutes.
9th April 2005 :: Wind mills
Wind mills
As promised, I am posting another picture taken at the same spot. I don't know what this is called, but this is something that moves like a fan in wind.
8th April 2005 :: Balloons
There is a place near my home where people go to submerge the idols of Ganasha during the Ganpati festival. Any such place attracts a lot of vendors. The guy selling these balloons is no exception either. I particularly like the colours in this image. Tomorrow an equally coloured image shot at the same venue at the same time.
7th April 2005 :: My window during monsoon
My window during monsoon
This photograph is a little old, this was taken during the monsoon last year. This looks quite niceómisty window and a lush green outdoor. Well it only looks nice, the other things the monsoon brings like a leaking roof and windows and dampness are nowhere near pretty.
6th April 2005 :: Lights
I was trying to take some images in the night but all I could get was shaky images of lights and no other objects. If it is going to be shaky then might as well shake the hell out of it.
5th April 2005 :: Sun dial
This picture was taken during our visit of Lonavla.
4th April 2005 :: Flying Dolphins
 Flying Dolphins
Manuraj is quite fascinated by the flying dolphins and the sound it makes.
3rd April 2005 :: Ford Thunderbird
Ford Thunderbird
2nd April 2005 :: Ford Thunderbird
Ford Thunderbird
This reminds me of a movie called U-turn. Sean Penn goes to garage and he gets a little upset when the mechanic handles his car a little roughy "Be carefull, it's a 1964 limited edition Thunderbird." The mechanic later gave him a huge bill for fixing the hose pipe and Sean reacts in a surprise "300 dollars! it's a Ford for crying out loud." The mechanic aptly replies. No, it's a 1964 limited edition Thunderbird."
1st April 2005 :: Looking out
Looking out
Like his mother Manuraj's day is also very much like a solitary confinement. In a city where a 1000 people come everyday, they spend their days alone.