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28th May 2005 :: Live to ride, ride to live
Live to ride, ride to live
Another picture of the same phone Nitesh gave me.
27th May 2005 :: Harley phone (Thanks Nitesh, I love it)
Harley phone (Thanks Nitesh, I love it)
Before Nitesh came back from US, He asked me what would I like to have, a Harley cap or a Harley phone. “Both”. I replied and he was nice enough to give me both.
26th May 2005 :: Sit on it—Photofriday : Green See the entire gallery
Sit on it-Photofriday : Green
My brother has a green thumb. He has a made a garden on our terrace in Delhi where he has all kind of plants renging from roses to cactus and miniature of banyan and orange tree.
25th May 2005 :: Grandfather-grandson
My grandfather expired 8 days before I was born. I hope Bharat and Manuraj realise how lucky they are. Here Manu is enjoying the morning breeze with my dad in our house in Delhi.
24th May 2005 :: Head
This is also taken on the flight to Delhi.
23rd May 2005 :: Wings
All the photos I took from the airplane window using my film camera turned out washed out. This one taken with the digital camera came out very well. This was taken aboard an Airbus A320 and I was thinking how amazing the same shot would be if take from an A380 and from the seat near the wing.
22nd May 2005 :: Time for a wash
Time for a wash
Usually I don't like pictures taken using the flash light in my camera because it blacks out everything except the subject. The result in a ver dull photo with no ambiance. This photo is an exception. This was also taken using a flash and the quick shutter speed captured the water very well.
21st May 2005 :: Filtered light
Filtered light
Another of this images I resolved not to post.
20th May 2005 :: Sunset at Juhu
Sunset at Juhu
After looking at the pictures I have posted in the month of March, I decided not to post any more pictures of sunset/sunrise but just couldn't help posting this image. This was also shot on Manuraj's first visit to the beach
19th May 2005 :: I want to break free...
I want to break free...
I have a strange fascination with the planes and I can't resist taking pictures of them flying, taking off or landing. This is one of many pictures I took of the planes at Juhu beach.
18th May 2005 :: Fly
Fly on a 7up bottle
Sitting on one of the bench downstairs with Mira and Manu, I saw a bottle of 7up that looked interesting. After closer inspection it looked even more interesting, so much so that I decided to use a small part of it instead of the while bottle
17th May 2005 :: Merry-go-round
Round and round
This is another of the manually powered rides at the Juhu beach. This was shot using my film camera a few months ago.
16th May 2005 :: Moon. Light.
Moon. Light.
The lights in Majas depot with the moon in the background. This was shot quite late in the morning, around 7.00 am or so (actually quite early in the morning for me but quite late for the moon to be there.
15th May 2005 :: Red splash
Red Splash
Another shot of the same ting as yesterday. This one has the dupatta of Mira hanging on the clothes line behind it.
14th May 2005 :: Splash
This looks like a splash made by a moving vehicle but isn't so. This is a splash on my window made while the walls outside were being re-plastered.
13th May 2005 :: Blue
Wile working late in the office, I too this shot.
12th May 2005 :: Fourth of July? Beating Retreat?—Photofriday : Action
Round and round-Photofriday : Action
My entry for this week's photo friday challenge. I decided to put an image for the challenge earlier but was not too happy with it. Last night I searched my images and found nothing really suitable. I almost gave up when Mira asked me to look out of the window. This firework was happening somewhere in the Aarey Colony. Maybe some party or some shooting happening there.
11th May 2005 :: Catch of the day
Catch of the day
After trying everything else like coils and mats we finally found that nothing is as effective in keeping the mosquitoes out as a mosquito net. Another feature is that Manuraj gets something to play with in the morning.
10th May 2005 :: All dressed up...
All dressed up...
and indeed no place to go. My landlord went to Canada and left these here.
9th May 2005 :: “Cutting edge”
Cutting edge
I guess I need to get out of my house more often and take some pictures but till I do that, I will keep taking pictures of inanimate objects in my house. By the way, this is really good for trimming beard and moustache
8th May 2005 :: Party time
On Friday I went to a pizza parlor with the rest of the team members on a project.
7th May 2005 :: Vapors
One night while getting ready to sleep, Mira came over and said “Look I found something for you to photograph.”. It was the lid of a pot with vapors on it from hot milk.
6th May 2005 :: Speaker
Another photo taken on the long day at work. This is a speaker. Try scrolling up and down quickly.
5th May 2005 :: Ladies : Photofriday-Fancy
 Ladies : Photofriday-Fancy
My entry for this week's challenge for Photofriday. The theme is “Fancy”. These are two statues left behind by landlord.
4th May 2005 :: Guarding the garbage
Guarding the garbage
This reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes strip where Calvin says "The rule is in the book but it will take all their resources to enforce it. Very much the same for Mumbaikars-just the sign is not enough, you need a guard as well.
3rd May 2005 :: Pickachu
Here is another Pokemon. This one belongs to my son and is a gift from Nitesh.
2nd May 2005 :: Pokemon
Shettt's Pokemon
Working late one night, I got really bored and decided to take some pictures. This is something that looked interesting. The actual figure doesn't look any way near this menacing.
1st May 2005 :: Beads
Mira's Beads
Beads of a necklace of Mira. After taking the picture of her pendant and clip, I raided her jewelry box. The things in it looked interesting but the only photograph that turned out good was this one