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Bombay-The City of Dreams

Bombay—the city of dreams. A thousand people come here everyday with the intention of staying here. Among those thousand people are the aspiring actors who want to make it big in the Bollywood, there are people from small town and villages who come to seek employment and then there are people like me who don't actually want to come here but have come here all the same.

I came to Bombay on 6th October 2003 and that journey in the Rajdhani Express with my friend Nitesh will remain etched in my memory for the rest of my life.This image gallery is a tribute the city I have moved to. Actually not to the entire city but to one part of it that I have liked from day one. Mira and I have always liked the south of Bombay and that is where we used to spend most of our weekends.

So here it is, the Image Gallery of South Bombay.

31st January 2007 :: Hunting Partner
Hunting Partner

“So you finally decided to grace us with your presence. May I ask where you were till now”
“Sir I was...”
“Shut up you good for nothing lazy fellow. Here I am teaching you how to hunt and survive in a tough world and you are busy taking a nap. Now what are you waiting for? Come in, you will be Andrew's partner in today's assignment.”

30th January 2007 :: “May I come in, Sir”
May I come in, Sir

“So you finally decided to grace us with your presence. May I ask where you were till now”
“Sir I was...”
“Shut up you good for nothing lazy fellow. Here I am teaching you how to hunt and survive in a tough world and you are busy taking a nap. Now what are you waiting for? Come in, you will be Andrew's partner in today's assignment.”

29th January 2007 :: Trying to get a handle on what is happening around me
Trying to get a handle on what is happening around me

On the 24th of December Mira slipped while brushing Manu's hair and got an unbearable pain in the back. Two days later we were told it was a slip disk. On 25th of January I found out that my landlord is selling his flat so I have to find a new home. This house is funished but now I would like to go in an empty house which means I have to buy all the stuff for the home as well. Whoever said misery loves company was damn right. This, btw, is the handle if this car.

28th January 2007 :: Before going digital
Bleeding edge

I bought a digital camera in February 2005. Before that I used to take pics with my old Pentax ES2. When I went to London in 2004 that is what I was carrying. I knew the films were going to be expensive in UK so I carried 10 rolls of films with me. I exposed all of them plus one roll that I borrowed from Vishal Kapoor, my colleague who went there with me. These rolls of films belong to that trip only. I actually marked the boxes of exposed films with the places where I took pics.

27th January 2007 :: Cutting edge Bleeding edge
Bleeding edge

The way we use language is funny. We see something and if we like it we call it the best and when we see something even better what do we call it? Bestest? The same is the words commonly used with technology. We have cutting edge technology and when the edge of that technology gets a little blunt in 6 months we get something better and call it cutting edge. No, cutting edge was the earlier one and this is better that before so it has to be something even more "edgy". What can we call it? Bleeding edge? Hemorrhaging edge?

26th January 2007 :: HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY

Picturejockey would like to wish a Happy Republic Day to all it's reader. Celebrations will be held in Delhi with a parade and also in Bombay with a parade at a smaller scale. Celebrations are held in our society too where we hoist the Indian flag and sing the national anthem.

Akshay Kumar's favourite tool
Akshay Kumar's favourite tool

“Sir, I cut people's roles, I will cut short his role too.” Akshay Kumar jokes in bagham bhag because he has been accused of cutting short co-actors roles. He is also said to be having affairs with almost all the heroines he has worked with. Wondering if his latest comedy Namaste London will have a joke on that too.

25th January 2007 :: On a shoestring budget...literally
On a shoestring budget...literally

It is said that Bombay is the city of dreams and you can realize all your dreams if you have the courage. Looking at this image you will have to agree. You can start a business here on a shoestring budget if you want to. This is a cobbler who sits outside our building and he got a business running with minimum of investment.

24th January 2007 :: Mumbai Daily
Mumbai Daily

Last shot of Schweppes bottle I am posting. Last month I started another blog where I present the Mumbai City the way I see it. It is called mumbaidailyphotoblog. Everyday I post an image and my observations about that thing in particular and Mumbai in general. Everyday there will be a link to the post on that site from here as well. I hope you will give the same support to Mumbaidailyphoto as you have given to Picturejockey.

23rd January 2007 :: Costs a bomb and taste like shit
Costs a bomb and taste like shit

The bottle looked quite cool but the taste of the tonic water was really awful. I opened the bottle on the Sunday and it was really bitter, maybe because of quinine. I am glad I got some decent shots of the bottle so I am not so pissed about outrageous cost of it otherwise I would cracked open the skull of the guy who made it with the same bottle. After Mira and I took a couple of sips, we had to pour it in the toilet. There also the damn thing failed, it didn't cleaned the toilet the way Coke and Pepsi does.

22nd January 2007 :: Some more Tonic water
Some more Tonic water

Last week I promised you more pictures of Schweppes and here they are. Today and for the newxt two days you will see pictures of Schweppes. On another note, I have been invited to join VAZAAR which is a new topic-based photo sharing site, brought to you by the same people who gave you

21st January 2007 :: Blocking my view
Blocking my view

About three months ago I could see the Majas Bus Depot from my home. Wile taking a walk I used to admiser a smal hut and a palm tree but all of that is gone. A building is under construction on the piece of land and very soon all we will be able to see around our building will be the windows of the other buildings. May be an ideal view for someone but not for me.

20th January 2007 :: Mumbai Marathon or Ironman
Mumbai Marathon or Ironman

Weather it is the Mumbai Marathon or the Ironman, some one seems to be ready for it. The running shoes are there and so is the bike, just needs a little air in the wheels. Mumbai Marathon will take place tomorrow. There are going to be a lot of people running. I think they need to advertise the Marathon the same way the Delhi marathon is advertised.

19th January 2007 :: I can either buy a car or a parking spot for it
TRAPPED-new ABC series after LOST

Parking in Bombay is one hell of a problem. A friend of mine bought a house about an year ago and the price he paid for a parking spot in the building was about as much as the price of his car. When you have something so expensive, it is quite natural that you will have wars over it and you will be possessive about it. This chain belongs to one of the parking spot in my building and is used to keep the encroachers away.

18th January 2007 :: TRAPPED—new ABC series after LOST
TRAPPED-new ABC series after LOST

ABC (American Broadcasting Company) Network, the producer of Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning TV series LOST have decided to make yet another TV show. Inspired by the success of LOST they have decided to make a show on similar lines. "This is again an adventure series but is significantly different than LOST" said the spokesman of the ABC in a press conference but refused to give any more details. Reliable sources have informed that the shooting for the new show has already started and have given us the picture of some of the cast from first eposode—Air bubbles Eugene, Alec, Edward and Amy among others trapped in Ice.

17th January 2007 :: Aishwarya Rai's wedding necklace
Aishwarya Rai's wedding necklace

After anouncing the engagement of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya to the world, Amitabh along with son Abhishek and wife Jaya went jewelery shopping and picked up this necklace of blue sapphire that Aishwarya will wear on the wedding day. Each stone is priced at US$1200. The whole world (at least India) is going crazy over their romance and relationships and the future wedding that the media is talking about nothing but this. BTW, before you go on and forward this image to our friends, it is a keyring I have at my home.

16th January 2007 :: I have a desk job
I have a desk job

“But I thought you were a window cleaner.”
“Yes I am.”
“Then how can you have a desk job”
“Technology my man, technology. Steve Jobs has launched the iPhone of apple and you are still in the morse code era. The job of a window cleaner is a lot more fun now. Now I don't rapple but sit in my chair comfortable while cleaning windows.”

15th January 2007 :: Tonic for Monday morning blues
Tonic for Monday morning blues

I am not a compulsive shopper by any definition but I still go and buy something even if I don't relly need them provided I'm sure that they will make nie pictures. The box of Altoids mints is still not finished that I bought two months ago. Last Sunday I bought this bottle of Schweppes because I knew I could do something like this. After buying it, it was in a cupboard for more than a week and today only I have put it in the fridge after taking it's pictures.

14th January 2007 :: Newest element of landscaping—Cars
Newest element of landscaping-Cars

A few years ago when Fiat India was stil thriving and they had launched the Palio, they had an ad featuring Michael Schumacher telling the Fiat is made by the same people who make car for him. One of my friend- Adhiraj Mustafi said “If they had said this to the owners of the Premier Padmini, they would have felt shortchanged.” This is the Fiat burried in the rubble next to the Amby. It was not visible initially and whie taking pics, I noticed that there was anothr car which was covered in rubble from one side and had creepers covering the rest of it.

13th January 2007 :: Aha! Just as I suspected. No map
 Aha! Just as I suspected. No map

I was not wrong about this man not having a map. You can see the glove compartment. It's empty. While taking pictures of this car, I discovered that the rubble I am standing on has another car underneath. There was an old fiat that was burried there and the only part visible was covered with creepers. Will show you that picture soon.

12th January 2007 :: The man who won't stop and ask for directions
The man who won't stop and ask for directions

This man was way too proud of his sense of directions that he just didn't want to stop and ask for directions. He kept driving on and on in all the wrong directions till this happened to him. The moral of the story is that if you don't like asking for directions, at least get a map...but is a map really good if you don't know where you are. Another shot of the same car

10th January 2007 :: “Take another road, I am soaking in sun here”
Take another road, I am soaking in sun here

“Relax, why the hell are you getting so upset if I am sitting on the road. First you came and took our homes away from us. Do you see what a mess you have made of this city? You have not left any space for yourself let alone for us and when one of us tries to get some sun, you get all hyper. First learn to exist peacefully with your species, then with animals and then come and talk to me.”

9th January 2007 :: I'll be watching you
I'll be watching you

This may be a small cat not bigger than a pup and it may not be able to defend itself from an attacking dog but in her eyes you can see where the tigers and lions get that majestic look. The eyes say it all. Size indeed does matter...not yours but your attitude's.

8th January 2007 :: Yeh haseen wadiyan...
Yeh haseen wadiyan...

...yeh khula aasmaan. Looking at this picture can make you think of two things. If you have been to Bombay you will think this is definitely not Bombay and if you have never been here, you will think Bombay is a very nice place with a lots of hills. You will also be forced to think that this place gets quite cold too. None of it is true actually. Most of the hills in Bombay have been dug for the stones and the empty land has been used for construction and it nere gets cold here even when the north of India is freezing. This picture was taken from a park on JV Link Road.

7th January 2007 :: Fursat ke raat din...
Fursat ke raat din...

People assume that childhood is a lot of leisurely time and looking at a child you can see that his or her mind is from any sort of worry but is it realy so. Looking at Manu in this shot we can see that he has no worry in the world but for how long. Soon he will start going to school and then all the "fursat ke raat" din will be a thing of past.

6th January 2007 :: Creating a splash
Creating a splash

Like every kid, Manu likes to splash in the puddles of rainwater. This picture was taken in monsoon when there were plenty of puddles for him to splash. One minute he would be walking holding my finger and next moment he would dash to the closest puddle and start jumping in it. A lot of people would tell me to stop him just like they would tell me to ask Manu stop playing in the dirt but I guess this is an essential part of growing up. I don't like to admit it, but I too have joined him sometimes when he insisted...and no one was watching.

5th January 2007 :: Drink a little from this...and some more from this...then cry for another bottle
Drink a little from this...and some more from this...then cry for another bottle

I have been intending to post this pictures for a very long time but just didn't. Initially I thought of posting them over three days but then I felt these pictures make more sense together. Manu likes to see what is happening and if Mira is in kitchen, he has to be there too and not just be there but observe everything she is doing. We have a stool in our kitchen where Manu likes to sit and watch what is going on.

4th January 2007 :: Isn't my chappal nice tauji?
Isn't my chappal nice tauji?

Instead of speaking easier words, Manu started speaking difficult words earlier like daddy instead of mummy and among all cartton characters, the first name he picked was Oswald instead of a simpler one like Tom or Jerry or Henry. Tayaji means father's elder brother and Manu started saying tayaji before dada or dadi. Here he is sitting on terrace with my brother seeking his opinion about his chappals.

3rd January 2007 :: ...and his masterpiece
...and his masterpiece

I was discussing with Mira about how expensive the education is today and expressed my concern over providing Manu with best education when Manu over heard me and said “Dad don't worry about a thing. You are the father of a genius and one masterpiece by me will ensure not only good education for me and my siblings should you choose to have them but a decent retirement plan for you as well”. This is one of those masterpeices created with “chittan” (clips) by Manu. This one is called aeroplane.

2nd January 2007 :: Maestro

I started the year with a picture of Laxmi, Ganesh and Saraswati and I am thinking to post picture of or related to Manu for the remining of the first week of 2007. To begin with, I am posting a picture of him rushing off after completing his masterpiece called “aeroplane” created using clips.

1st January 2007 :: Blessings of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati and Laxmi for New Year
Blessings of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati and Laxmi for New Year

I started the last year with a post of Lord Ganesha. This year it Lord Ganesha again along with Goddess Saraswati and Laxmi. Saraswati is goddess of knowledge so her blessing are very important specially when I am in he field of elearning and Laxmi is the goddess of money which makes the whole thing go around so I guess this is the best picture to start of the New Year. :: Defining Your Blogs Worth: TopSites: