Silhoutte of Taj Mahal palace Hotel

South Bombay Image Gallery

Mira and I had a hard time getting used to Bombay when we moved here three years ago. We found the city too crowded and cramped when compared to Delhi from where we came. We went to a lot of places in Bombay that are supposed to be quite good but came back disappointed. Disappointed to see a garden on top of a water tank while the exotic name Hanging Garden had raised our expectations, disappointed to see Fame Adlab, a place with 6 feet by 6 feet shops and half of them closed.

The only place we initially liked was the South Bombay and on almost all weekend in our first week here, we would get onto a train to Churchgate. We still like that place more than any other place in Bombay and we do go there occasionally, not as frequently as we used to. Now we have to drive down there, as taking Manu in a local train is a scary thought, especially for Manu. While Mira and Manu were in Delhi in November, I once again took a train to Churchgate with the idea of taking some pictures of the part of the city we like. This image gallery has some of those images.

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