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13th August 2008 :: I'm going on a holiday

Tommorow I am going to catch a train to Delhi. I will be away for two weeks and I am already getting tired thinking about all the running around this supposed “holiday” has in store for me. Needless to say, the updates on this site are going to be very irregular if at all but I promise to be more regular once I return.

12th August 2008 :: Even people live insides pipes in this town

When you look at these tiny plants sharing space with fungus and moss in a small pipe in the wall of a building, you wonder what the chances of its survival are. Does the same question come to mind when you see people living inside pipes in some movies made in the 70s and 80s, specially the parallel cinema. I had seen that only in movies till I moved to Bombay and witnessed it in real life. In all cities and towns, you can find people living in conditions that can barely be called human but only in Bombay you can see how low the levels of “acceptability” can get for squatting.

8th August 2008 :: Excuse me! I am not like you. I am a beggar

Q: What is the difference between a beggar and a man waiting for a rickshaw in Bombay?
A: The beggar has infinitely better chances of getting what he seeks.

7th August 2008 ::Plants on rock

Our housing society doesn't have a boundary wall at the back. What separates the buildings from the buildings behind is the level as out buildings are as much as 20 feet lower than the other buildings stones. There were stones that were cut to make place for these buildings and formation of those stones about 15 feet high and as wide as the boundary of the society - about 300 meters still stands there. It seems to be quite fertile as a lot of small plants grow there especially at this time of the year.

6th August 2008 ::A 50 euro note

Yesterday I posted the barcode on the shoes. The other interesting thing on the back of the shoe box was the size conversion table. It compared the size of the feet with various things like a 50 euro not, a gangsta's chain, a wodden clothes peg and so on.

5th August 2008 :: Escaped!

The puma has escaped. I bought a pair of Puma some time ago and really liked the box. In my opinion, if you want to give your brand a character, it is the small things you need to concentrate on. I like this bar code as well as the size conversion chart for various countries that I will post tommorow.

1st August 2008 :: They were fond of Dosa and Idli

This is at the entrance of the Kanheri Caves. To me it looks like that huge stone grinder in which restaurants here grind the batter for dosa and idlis. Seems like the Budhist monks who lived here fancied south Indian food. :: Defining Your Blogs Worth: TopSites: