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31st July 2008 :: Pooja Ice Cream

This brings back the childhood memories. Back then most of the ice cream available was locally made. The only big comapnies at that time were Kwality and Gaylord. The ice cream vendors used to sell ice creams from hand pushed carts and a few of them could always be found outside schools during the lunch.

30th July 2008 :: My right side looks better

Had an interesting conversation with a crow in our parking lot. Do read it.

28th July 2008 :: The way it started

July seems commited to end the way it started. On the 1st of this month Manu and I stayed at home because of rains and today again we both had to take a day off because of the continous rain that started on Friday. I guess this will fill up all the reservoirs supplying water to Bombay and equally sure that it will not solve the water shortage we are facing in our building. At best it will only multiply our problems by bringing us water that needs to boiled before drinking. Living in the financial capital of the country, aren't we?

27th July 2008 :: Manuraj

26th July 2008 :: Wild Mushroom

I posted a picture of a small part of a wild mushroom growing in our housing society. Here is the pictrue of the entire thing. The picture the other day belonged to the small mushroom seen at the top left of this image.

25th July 2008 :: In the well

Last weekend I took some pictures around my house and I spotted this feather in the well in our housing society. I didn't notice it till I was posting this picture that at the bottom left corner of the picture is a mosquito. I learned in school that the mosquitoes are able to stand on water because of surface tension, in this shot I can see what I learned. Maybe I should show this picture to Manu when he learns the same thing at school

24th July 2008 :: Fresh out of oven

Doesn't this looks like something freshly out of oven? Actually it is fungus growing at the foot of a tree in our housing society. I will post a picture of the entire thing as well.

23rd July 2008 :: Nothing is impossible

When you feel so pound of yourself and want to sit down and congratulate yourself on your accomplishments, think for a while about what this plant has done. This is a plant that is growing on the stone wall of our housing society's boundary wall. This is not the only one; there were plenty of them like it. I guess we need more plants and trees as persistent as this one to fight the environmental dangers.

22nd July 2008 :: Hercules' throne

So this is where Hercules sits. Actually when I was a kid, my dad used to have a Hercules bicycle too. That is the bicycle on which I learned to balance on two wheels.

21st July 2008 :: Here come the dad

So he completes the family.

20th July 2008 :: Chicks with Mum

During out trip to Kanheri caves a few months ago, we saw what Manu described as chicks going for a walk wih their Mom. A moment later he asked "But where is their dad". To find out, check tommorow's picture.

19th July 2008 :: Introspection

A bud and then a flower in full bloom and now detached from the tree and lying on the ground wondering what it has done in its life time. Was this flower here to serve a specific need and did that flower succeeded on doing so. Or was just being there on a few days on the tree the sole purpose of this flower. The title of this post came to mind when I looked at the antenna of the flower that has turned around 180 degrees to face the flower.

18th July 2008 :: Uski roti

The shortest time taken to narrate the story of a movie to me was about 10 seconds. I am not sure about the name, but it was an art movie and my colleague told me the story as "In the morning they wake up, in the night they go to sleep and this is all that happens in the movie."

17th July 2008 :: This message will self destruct in 5 seconds

You want to write a note but you don't want to leave a proof. You can either have a message like the ones delivered to Tom Cruise in Mission:Impossible or you can use the nature's self destruction message board.

16th July 2008 :: Damned if you do, damned if you don't

The choice is between being a professional or sticking to your principles or opinions or whatever you like to call. If in your professional capacity you get an assignment you are principally against, what will you do? Would you prefer to refuse working on the assignment and maybe cause a loss of revenue for your employer and be called “unprofessional” or would you compromise on your own beliefs and take the assignment.

15th July 2008 :: Converse or Lakhani

In school we used to wear white canvas shoes on Saturdays. Only one style of canvas shoes was available at that time and no one ever wore those except to school on Saturdays. Years later companies like Converse and Levi's made the canvas shoes fashionable. They came out with shoes that looked good but were priced quite high. When I found heavily discounted shoes by Converse, I decided to buy a pair. Later I was looking at the box and realised that Converse has outsourced the production to Lakhani-a company famous for making Hawaiian slippers and those ugly canvas shoes we used to wear as kids. Made me wonder if anyone at all would buy them if they had the logo of Lakhani instead of Converse. Worse still, would I have bought them even at the discounted price I paid if they were Lakhani?

14th July 2008 :: Still an outsider

It's almost five years in Bombay but I guess I still have not blended in with the locals. The latest example was the shopkeeper near Gateway of India who saw me and ran to intercept me advertising his shop “Sir please come and have a look at my shop.” he said. I looked at him, put an arm around his shoulders and said “Bro, I live in Andheri, I am not a tourist”. A little embarrassed he said “So what sir, it is for locals too.”

13th July 2008 :: Marine Drive

Have managed to update this blog the entire week but today don't have time to write much.

12th July 2008 :: Shyla

Khushi is the name of a girl who used to live here. Shyna is the name of a girl living next door to my brother-in-law in Punjab. Manu used to call her Khushi because she looked a little like Khushi. This is Shyla-my friend Barinder's daughter, but Manu insists on calling her Shyna.

11th July 2008 :: Riding the waves

I have written about the Crocs, now I would like to ask another question. Imagine there is a big brand and then there is a smaller player. The smaller company makes a product and then sells half of them to the big brand. Small company sells it at a lower prie while the big brand sells it at a higher price, which one would you buy?

10th July 2008 :: The shoe with holes

Prashant thought these are crocs in two colours so I thought I'd clear it up. These are not crocs but Puma and they are not the molded rubber variety but regular casual shoes. These were slightly more expensive but they look infinitely better than the crocs and most importantly are right for the price. I guess I missed one option yesterday; the fourth option would have been to buy something else.

9th July 2008 :: No Crocs for me

I wondered in my post on Mental Floss if some people still bought the crocs because they were too embarassed to decide not to buy because they are over priced.

8th July 2008 :: Thumb painting

Manu has discovered the joy of finger painting. As usual, for a few days this was the only thing he wanted to do. He keeps coming to Mira or me asking us to draw something or the other for him so he could paint it.

7th July 2008 :: Ear rings

I have a few thoughts and I guess I will get some time to write them down at Mental FLoss. Once I do that, I will post the links here.

3rd July 2008 :: Open and shut

The first day of July was a typical Mumbai monsoon day. It was raining heavily and by the morning half the city was flooded. Since the morning Manu was asking to go to the market.
“Papa, let's go to the market”
“It is raining outside”
“So what? We will take an umbrella.”
The rain stopped and in the evening we did went to the market. We went to a shoe store to buy sandals for Manu. Considering the weather, I felt it was the right time to buy Crocs. What happened there, you can read on Mental Floss. :: Defining Your Blogs Worth: TopSites: