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Manu and Nayan on Indipendence Day, copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2009
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Manu and Nayan

21st August 2009

I wrote about how most kids want to be a pilot, an astronaut, a doctor but no one ever says that he wants to be a graphic designer, an accountant when he grows up. Today I want to share my disappointment about how the government agencies in the Hollywood movies never pick up people like me for a critical mission involving national security. I was watching the movie "The Core" in which they picked a professor from a college, then you have Tom Hanks being picked up in DaVinci code. I also fantasize about sitting in my office and two men in black suits and glasses walk in and ask me to accompany them.

"You are taking the 4.00pm flight for Delhi"
"But how am I going to reach the airport in time for the flight. It is already 2.30"
"We have a helicopter waiting for us."

I won't want to be in a high pressure scenario of a world or country saving mission, something little less adventurous like developing an online solution for them would be fine with me. Way can't this happen? Why do the movie people always pick a hacker if they need a person with the knowledge of computers like Neo in Matrix or the nerd in the movie I was last night.

If I ever end up making a movie...


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