Don't believe what you see - A close of an ice cube

27th May 2010

Don't believe what you see

The phrase "Take a closer look" is very popular. I guess we make equal number of mistakes because we are take a "too close a look". I guess I just invented "Take a distant look". What you see here is a closeup of an ice-cube.

A wait that was too long -Shot at Kanheri Caves

26th May 2010

A wait that was too long

Has it ever happened to you that you ended a day that promised to be too busy in the morning with a feeling that perhaps you should have stayed home, slept in late, taken your kid to watch a movie and had a leisurely day and still would have achieved more than going to work?

Look pa, no teeth - Manu showing his missing tooth

20th May 2010

Look pa, no teeth

A few days ago Manu complained of pain in his tooth and blamed the papad he just ate for it. Later we realized that tooth is getting loose and is coming out. It stayed there for a few days and one day when we came back home from market, Manu felt the tooth with his tongue and found it missing. He confirmed it by looking in the mirror. He was disappointed because he lost his tooth, literally. Most likely he ate it with something at the market but we assured him that it must have fallen off on the grass when he was in the park and tooth fairy will find it and will leave a gold coin under his pillow. The next morning he was very happy to see the gold coin. Now he shows me his missing tooth and tells me "Do you see that small hole, the new tooth will come out of there and will grow this much" indicating the height of his other teeth.

Move on along - Manu and his foot prints at the Aksa beach, Malad, Mumbai

14th May 2010

Move on along

Last visit to Aksa beach. Taken at the same time as this one. It is unusual for footprints to be so deep especially for a 5 year old. You can see from his foot prints that he was initially hopping before he started walking. Yesterday Manu asked if he could go to the beach and Mira told him there is no beach in Delhi, to which he responded "I knew you were going to say something like this."

So long Mumbai... - Manu at the window of the plane on our flight from Mumbai to Delhi

13th May 2010

So long Mumbai...

Our belongings fit in a Fiat Taxi when we moved to Bombay more than 6 years ago. For a very long time Mira and I used to look at a Ford Endeavour parked in our building and used to think why can't we just pack our stuff in this SUV and just get the hell out of here. Little later Mira made an observation "Now our stuff won't fit in an SUV, we will need a one tonner". Eventually we moved out of Bombay with our luggage not in an SUV, not in a one tonner but in a truck. Strangely leaving Bombay didn't make me feel like I am getting out of a confinement as I always thought. On the contrary I felt sad. Here is Manu looking at the only city he knows one last time.

He has been incredibly brave and open to change. While leaving behind everything he knows, he appeared incredible well composed... A lot more mature than me.

This is the first time I have not made a single post in a calendar month. I have just moved to Delhi, have been insanely busy at work, had no internet connection at home. I'm back, lets see how frequently I can post.

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