Strong as an elephant? - A can of Carslberg strong beer

27th June 2011

Strong as an elephant?

A market will make you do what it wants. It has forced Carlsberg to come up with a strong beer. I guess the people behind this were really annoyed by it. Here is how the conversation might have gone like.


24th June 2011


This is a shapner I bought for Manu some time ago. Waste of money as far as sharpening a pencil is concerned. The design is very poor and there is not enough place for the pencil shavings to fall in the reservoir easily, they get stuck and you have manually keep cleaning it. I guess I git my money's worth by taking pictures of it.

Coin... of origin I am not aware of - A coin with a tree

23rd June 2011

Coin... of origin I am not aware of

Well, I am commited to post some images but I am not really in the "zone" so I am not able to pick the best of the images, neither am I able to write to the best of my abilities. But I am not complaining. I am happy to be able to manage what I am doing.

Bhindi ka phool - Ladyfinger flower in our garden

22nd June 2011

Bhindi ka phool

I am not very fond of lady finger but I guess I'll like this since it is growing in our kitchen garden.

Fun before the haircut - Manu before his haircut

21st June 2011

Fun before the haircut

Last year there was not even a single post in the month of April. Didn't want the same to happen to this June. So here is a post. This is me having some fun with Manuraj's hair before a haircut.

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