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Hand of Quality , copyright Picturejockey : Navin Harish 2005-2012

9th May 2012

Hand of Quality

What does matter to you when you buy a piece of clothing? How important is a brand. If you are like me, you'll say that brand is not important, what is important is comfort and quality. While you mean what you say, it is not completely true. Let me tell you about the kinds of jeans I grew up wearing.

I belong to the generating that has work various kind of jeans. Jeans made in Mohan Singh Place in Connaught Placce, jeans bought from Karol Bagh, jeans by once time famous but now extinct brands like Fu's, Wanted, Smash and many other. Me and my friends have bought jeans of Levi's knowing they were fake, we have bought jeans from small shops who would stitch any label they we wanted. And of-course, I was the lucky one whose father worked for Indian Airlines so I had my share of jeans picked up from overseas trips.

Now we are all grown up, the markets have opened up allowing so many brands in India and the jeans I buy now are the usual brands-like Levi's, Wrangler, Lee and the money we have available for clothes is also higher than what it used to be, a Wrangler jeans doesn't feel as expensive as it used to be in school or college. While it doesn't matter which brand it actually is, it does matter that it is one of the brands I mentioned or something comparable. I won't wear jeans from Karol Bagh or Mohan Singh Place and the reason I have been giving myself is "Quality".

"An inexpensive jeans picked from a street market may turn out to be good and it may turn out to be total shit as well but a brand like Levi's or Wrangler will give me assured quality." This is how I justify my decision. How about you?


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