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31st October 2005 :: “We still have a long road ahead of us...”
We still have a long road ahead of us...
This is what they seem to be thinking.
30th October 2005 :: Men at work
Men at work
Another shot of the same room but this time with two people working on the project. I am not sure if I should be mentioning their names here or not so I will play it safe by not doing so. I included this shot because it vaguely reminds me of the stock photos of working people only the expression are real as they were not posing for me.
29th October 2005 :: Workplace
This room at my office is dedicated to one project and all this work is done for that project. I have mentioned already that if you work with creative people you get a lot of good things to shoot. This picture reinforces that. This is first of three that I will post.
28th October 2005 :: Riding into sunset
Anothe shot of the same guy. This one at a differnet angle. I took a few of him from the opposit side but they wer too distracting with the reflection of the blinds. Then I decided to shoot him against light to avoid any reflections and have to say that am happy with the result.
27th October 2005 :: Peek-a-boo 2
Peek-a-boo 2
A few days ago I took a picture of the guy cleaning the window. I mentioned how something wanted me to take that pic because the first day I saw it, I didn't have my camera on me and I saw the guy there once again the next day as well. Something like this happened this time as well. I had my camera with me but before I could click him, he went to the floor below but came back up after some time.
26th October 2005 :: Stock imagery?
Stock imagery?
This image was taken when I needed an image like this while working on a project and I thought that maybe I should take a apicture myself and I guess it works well. Not the best of it's kind but not too mad either. I guess I need to work more on these kind of images to get the kind of quality I want.
25th October 2005 :: Welcome, please make your self at home
Same sofa as yesterday but this comes with a clown as well.
24th October 2005 :: Have a seat
Have a seat
One of benefit of working with creative people is that you get a lot of things that you can photograph. This clay sofa is one such object and you will be seeing more such objects soon.
23rd October 2005 :: Sunday afternoon
Sunday afternoon
A lazy sunday afternoon in my home. The the box on the chair belongs to the tripod that I took out to click some pictures.
22nd October 2005 :: Snacks
Another shot of my office pantry. This one thought is of the third floor, not the fourth floor.
21st October 2005 :: Birdwatching
Mira taught Manu how cats speak and he makes a sound that sounds like meow when he sees a cat. He has now started making that sound when he sees birds as well. On this particular day, he was watching a couple of pegions on the everpresent scaffolding outside our house.
20th October 2005 :: peek-a-boo
Earlier I used to cover my face with any piece of cloth to play peek-a-boo with Manu and he would be really delighted when he saw his dad suddenly appear when the cloth was taken off. Now he likes to play it a little advanced version of it - something between peek-a-boo and hide and seek where he would ge behind a piece of furniture and look at me.
19th October 2005 :: Dussera
When you go to a different part of a country, you miss some of the festivals that you used to celebrate or at least you miss how they were celebrated. In north India, Dussera is celebrated by burning really huge effigies of Ravana but there is no such thing like that in Bombay. In Bombay, people hand flowers on their cars and doors and we decided to celebrate it the way it is celebrated here. This garland was finally used on our door.
18th October 2005 :: Lonely?
This girls seems to be waiting for a partner.
17th October 2005 :: Manu and Dandia
Manu and Dandia
Manu enjoyed the dandia quite a lot and every night he'd be looking forward to going to the dandia. Whenever asked if he'd like to go to Dandia, he'd respond by raising his one hand and dancing.
16th October 2005 :: Dandia action 2
Dandia action 2
This is the first time I have posed two pictures so similar to each other but I did it as I couldn't make up my mind about which one to use.
15th October 2005 :: Dandia action
Dandia action 1
This is first of the few dandia pictures I will be posting over the next few days. This was taken in the A-wing of my housing society where a lot of people turned up every night during the navratri to have a good time.
14th October 2005 :: Home sweet home
Home sweet home
This was on the monitor of one of my colleague and I had a little time on my hands so decided to take some pictures. Among the few I took, I liked this one the best.
13th October 2005 :: Not so long ago...
Not so long ago...
I have taken a few candid shots of my next door neighbour but before taking this one, I asked for his permission. He was more than happy to get photographed and asked me if I will get the shot from so far away. What you see on the shelf above his head is a small part of his collection of awards. Once again, best enjoyed in the black theme.
12th October 2005 :: Good morning, again
Good morning, again
Another shot taken in the morning. Mira is sitting on the window sill with Manu and he is calling his friend Sarandeep. Looks best in black theme
11th October 2005 :: Good morning
Good morning
As I woke up a couple of days ago, I saw the most beautiful sky and thought it would be a shame not to capture it. I clicked this picture while still inside the mosquito net to get the feel of morning.
10th October 2005 :: Dandia
After Ganpati the most popular festival in Bombay is the Navratri. It's popular because it gives people a lot of opportunity to socialise, celebrate and just have fun. This little girl seems to be waiting for the day she's a little older perhaps.
9th October 2005 :: Up in smoke
Now where did I kept my key...
One day I asked Rohan Why are things that are not good for you taste so good and he said Cigarettes are not good for you and they taske awefull too. I was talking about rich food but saw his point. A cigarettes is something that doesn't taste good but still smpkers are looking for a chance to have one. Can't understand why
8th October 2005 :: Photofriday : Five
Photofriday five
My entry for the photofriday theme “Five”. This image was taken some time ago and I thought Manu's hand makes it appropriate for the theme. The original shot looked a little dull so I cropped it and removed the colours and added a little noise as well for good measure.
7th October 2005 :: Blue sky
Blue sky
I don't get time to go places with the specific aim of taking pictures as I have other commitments. Still there are some places where keep going back for inspiration and the terrace of my office is one such place. This picture was taken from the staircase on 7th floor and yes, it looks better with a black theme
6th October 2005 :: Waching the night sky
Waching the night sky
Second image of the moon and th tree, this one is sharper than the one I posted earlier.
5th October 2005 :: Now where did I kept my key...
Now where did I kept my key...
This is what he seems to be asking himself. Just look outside Mr. Incredible
4th October 2005 :: Waiting...
Seems to be waiting. Either for someone or for a time when he'd be independent enough to fly away
3rd October 2005 :: Through tinted windows
Through tinted windows
I have posted quite a few pictures of Manu in our bedroom window, so many that I have run out of titles for them so it is title what it is titled. Inspite of having posted similar images, I posted this one because I was quite fascinated by what Manu was trying to do here-looking how things see different if seen through tinted glass
2nd October 2005 :: Horror
If yesterday's shot reminded me of buildings in classified area, this shot reminds of Horror movies. This was taken when I decided to use my newly bought tripod. There was a strong breeze and clouds that didn't let me take a clear picture of either the tree or the moon. One more shot taken on the same day coming shortly.
1st October 2005 :: “Classified area”
Classified area
This shot reminds me of the classified areas where the families of scientists and other people working on top secret projects are housed or maybe something from the X-files. I am not going to tell what this is take a guess and let me know.