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30th September 2005 :: Window cleaner
Window cleaner
Something or someone wanted me to take this shot. On my way to office one day, I saw a guy washing the windows of Kohinoor Hotel on Andheri Kurla road and thought how nice it would have been if I had my camera with me. The next day I saw the same thing again and just had to stop and shoot.
29th September 2005 :: A cuppa tea with the morning paper
A cuppa tea with the mornig paper
This is what this shot seems to be saying. This shot happened by accident. I was taking the picture of the chair and moved the tripod out of my way to make some adjustments and when I returned, I saw this in my view finder.
28th September 2005 :: “It’s been a hard day’s night...”
Its been a hard day's night...
This is the final shot of the chair. Again the composition in the same but this is quite different than the other ones. I have almost managed to get the kind of shot I wanted. The light coming from the door is as I wanted but I would have liked a little more light on the chair.
27th September 2005 :: Reflections
Second shot of the chair and the same composition as yesterday. In fact it is very similar to yesterday and I have put it up only because I liked the reflection of he shoes and the chair in the floor.
26th September 2005 :: “Honey I’m home...”
Honey Im home
I have taken some pictures for the Thursday's challenge Furniture as well. This shot is one of four that I will be posting out of which three are identical in composition but shot differently. I had taken a similar picture some time ago but instead of using that I wanted to give it a little dramatic look.
25th September 2005 :: Fire
After a very long time I have taken an image specially for the PhotoFriday challenge. The challenge this time is Fire. I took quite a few shots of candles, matches, and a gas stove and this is the one I like the most.
24th September 2005 :: More flowers
More flowers
Before I started posting pictures of the Ganpati festival, I was posting pictures of the flowers, here is the last picture in that series. Taken on the same day as the previous two. These were tiny flowers used to fill up the bouquet. I like the DOF and don't know why, I feel it has some dreamy kinda look to it. What do you think?
23rd September 2005 :: Dance like no one is watching
Bade miyan chote miyan
Dance like no one is watching. These kids seem to be doing the same till they saw me. I took 5-6 pictures of these kids and this is the first one, the last one had all of these standing still and waving to me. This is the last of the ganpati pictures and tomorrow I will start with something else.
22nd September 2005 :: Drums
Ganpati of Durga Nagar was quite big and the truck was even bigger. The truck had a complete orchestra with people playing all kind of instruments and singing.
21st September 2005 :: Ganpati
I was not planing to post this image but Mira said I should and I am glad that I did. I like the rich colours of this image and this is best seen with the dark theme.
20th September 2005 :: Bade miyan chote miyan
Bade miyan chote miyan
There is a old saying in Delhi that elephants have different teeth for showing the world and different for eating. This goes for Ganesh utsav as well. Usually there are two ganpatis, the big for people to see and the small for the worship. This image has them both, I wish both were equally lit.
19th September 2005 :: Pudchya varshi lavkar ya
Pudcha varshi lavkar ya
As promised, I will be posting some pictures of the Ganpati for the next fed days starting today. I should have started posting them when the festival was still on but I had taken a lot of pictures of the ganpatis last year and this time wanted to concentrate on the visarjan time. I couldn't take the pictures of visarjan because of rain, mud and crowd but here is the next back thing, a devotee taking his idol for it's last puja.
18th September 2005 :: Some more flowers
Some more flowers
As promised yesterday, more shots of the flowers. The yellow flower is the same but this time it appears with some more smaller flowers. I liked the composition of this picture and the tiny droplets of water on the flower. Tell me which one did you like more this one or the one yesterday. By the way, I will be posting some Ganpati shots in the coming few days will come back to the third and last of flowers picture sometime next week.
17th September 2005 :: Flowers
This flower was in a bouquet one of my colleague got for his birthday. There was still a thin film of plastic on it and that is what caused the reflection. More pictures of these flowers to follow in the coming days.
16th September 2005 :: Changing the face of mills
Changing the face of mills
These are the cranes seen from the Phoenix Mall in Lower Parel in Bombay. I am fascinated by old structures and have been planning to visit the old mills in Parel but for some reason or the other, never got a chance to do so in the last 2 years. I guess I better hurry up because in the last 2 weeks, we have seen an entire mill disappear.
15th September 2005 :: Afternoon siesta
Afternoon siesta
For some reason or the other, my next door neighbour Mr Aloke Dasgupta leaves his door open most of he time during the day. Even when he has to take a nap as in this pic, he'd not shut it completely. I guess it's not a nice thing to go sneaking like this and take a picture...
14th September 2005 :: Same chimney, different angle
Same chimney, different angle
This is the shot of the same chimney we have seen yesterday. I love the clouds towards the bottom of the chimney and wish there were more of these when I took this picture. In continuation to what I said yesterday, this place also reminds me of Hindi films where you had the poor mill workers being exploited by the evil mill owner. I used to wonder how come all the people working in the same mill also happen to live in the same place. Now I realise that it was very possible when I see the housing complex along with the mills.
13th September 2005 :: Remains of the day
Remains of the day
This used to be a mill but like all other mills in Parel, it is shut down. It has been replaced by a shopping mall and this chimney stands as a reminder of what it was once. When I see places like this, I try to visualize how it would be when it was an operational mill. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and see these places how they were originally.
12th September 2005 :: Any monster under my bench?
Any monster under my bench?
Manu seems to be checking out the monsters under the bench before he setteles down there. My camera has been fixed finally. The cost of getting it fixed was a bit high. I have also picked up a tripod that I have been planning for a very long time. Although the camera is fixed but I am still scared to use it and I guess it will take me some time to get over it.
11th September 2005 :: Yet another shot of pantry
Yet another shot of pantry
This pantry seems to be getting one of my favorite place to shoot. This is the reflection of the pantry in the microwave oven and yes, that is my hand and my camera at the bottom right of the picture.
10th September 2005 :: Ray of light
Ray of light
This image looks good and I don't want to spoil it by saying anything about it.
9th September 2005 :: Keepin' a watch
Keepin a watch
People working on the building where our office is situated work without wearing a harness. They might feel that they are cool but if you ask me, they are bloody idiots. This guy seems to be even more adventurous than the others as he is not there because he is working, but just sitting there in his leisure time.
8th September 2005 :: Mask
Another object lying on the table of another colleague. This was in my eyes for a long time and finally I took out the time to photograph it. I have been building a pool of images that I thought I'd use on my trip to Delhi but I am exhausting it quite fast because my camera is broken and I am not taking any new pictures. On Wednesday, I finally managed to take the camera for repairs. I hope the time and the money required for it will not be too much.
7th September 2005 :: Kiwi fruit
Kiwi fruit
What can I say. This is a picture of a kiwi fruit. I get distracted by everything that looks photogenic as I have to pause and take pictures of it like this one. On a different note, I have observed Manu's suspicion. Mira and I usually give him what we eat. When we give something without eating it ourselves first, he spits it out. He'd eat something only if we have eaten it first.
6th September 2005 :: Guliver and Liliput
Guliver and Liliput
While sitting with Manu on a bench one evening, I thought of this shot. It would have come out better with a greater DOF so that both Manu and the guard were in focus.
5th September 2005 :: “Don't you dare me...”
Dont you dare me...
Don't you dare me. This is what Manu seems to be telling me as he has grabbed me by my collar. No actually he is quite fond of the buttons and plays with them everytime I am wearing a shirts or a T-shirt with buttons instead of a round neck tee.
4th September 2005 :: Pearls
What you see here are the droplets of water in a bottle. It's not the condensation of water that happens outside the bottle but tiny bubbles of air caught inside the water.
3rd September 2005 :: Crisp
There were quite a few shots of the notes I took and most of them turned out okay and among those I liked this one and the one I posted a day before yesterday.
2nd September 2005 :: Clown
As I have said, it's not about photographing beautiful objects, it is about presenting the ordinary things in a little extraordinary way. Lying on the monitor of a colleague this is one of the object that fascinated me in my office.
1st September 2005 :: Show me the money
Show me the money
Crisp notes. Isn't this what makes the whole world go round?