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30th November 2005 :: I too had leaves...
I too had leaves...
Sometimes you keep taking pictures and when you look at them later, you see a pattern in those images. This is one of those images. After coming to Bombay when I looked at the images I took during my holiday, I realised that a lot of them were taken againt a sunset and a lot more not involving the sun but still shot at that time of the day. You will see more of them here soon.
29th November 2005 :: Bye...
This picture was taken on our recent visit to Himanchal Pradesh. Mira and Manu are seeing off Divya and Sonia (daughters of Mira's sister) from their kitchen window.
28th November 2005 :: Marinated fruits
Marinated fruits
Initially I was experimenting with a plastic lunch box and some real fruit but was not able to get what I was looking for. Then I picked up this pot filled with water and plastic fruits and came up with some decent image with this being the best.
27th November 2005 :: String of light globes
String of light globes
The last in the series of diwali images. This is a string of lights hanging in our balcony. The first image of Diwali, posted on 24th of this month, had my brother standing next to one of these bulbs.
26th November 2005 :: Home made fireworks
Home made fireworks
One of the high point of our Diwali is the home made annars. You can call it a tradition of sort. My dad used to make annars every diwali and now me and my brother are doing it. They way Bharat (my nephew) is fond of them, chances are he will be doing it when he grows up.
25th November 2005 :: Grandfather
This is my dad sitting in the balcony on the night of Diwali. This picture is titled grandfather because that is the role he is playing here. He is watching over my nephew busy with his fire crackers.
24th November 2005 :: In light
In light
Diwali is the biggest festival celebrated by the north Indians. This celebrates the return of lord Ram to his kingdom Ayodhya. This is the festival of the lights and is celebrated by lighting lamps, candles and other form of lights and fireworks. This is the first images in the series of four that I have shortlisted from the images I took on Diwali. Here you see my brother Sanjiv standing next to a light bulb from the string of light bulbs.
23rd November 2005 :: No wonder it's called “Dev bhoomi” (Land of gods)
No wonder it's called Dev bhoomi-Land of gods
When you enter Himanchal Pradesh the boards say “Welcome to Dev bhoomi (land of gods) Himanchal Pradesh” which is in stark contrast to what you'd see on the boards of the neighbouring Punjab - “Thana Ropar thwada swagat karda hai (Police Station Ropar welcomes you)”. It's not hard to figure out why this place is called land of gods as there are so many temples all over the place and a look at this image will tell why gods prefer this place to any other.
22nd November 2005 :: Balancing act
Balancing act
I'm back. I am back from holiday. Had a wonderful time in Delhi, Himanchal and Punjab. I am planning to do a small photo feature on it and if time permits, I will have it ready before the year end. My apologies for not uploading images more frequently as the access to internet was limited. This is a picture of the workers welding in my society and like always, they were not wearing any safety gear.
21st November 2005 :: More Scorpios
More Scorpios
This is another shot of the same Scorpios. Same as yesterday, the background is distracting.
20th November 2005 :: Scorpios
I have shot a few pictures of the miniature cars and this is my first attempt at shooting actual automobiles. I was two Mahindra scorpios parked in my society so decided to take some pictures. Not the best possible shot but I am resonably happy with the shot although the background is a little distracting.
19th November 2005 :: Note it down
Note it down
Manu is getting bold and no longer wants to be close to us all the time, he likeds to explore things and would roam around the home as long as we are in his line of vision. Our house is also made that this is made easy as he can be assured of my presence even when I am in the living room and he is fiddling with his pram in bedroom.
18th November 2005 :: Spirals
I am quite happy with the clean image. There is no distraction here, no reflection of any kind that I usually get when I am taking pictures in my living room.
17th November 2005 :: Gateway
Manu is getting bold and no longer wants to be close to us all the time, he likeds to explore things and would roam around the home as long as we are in his line of vision. Our house is also made that this is made easy as he can be assured of my presence even when I am in the living room and he is fiddling with his pram in bedroom.
16th November 2005 :: Excellent for a ride...good for cleaning too
Excellent for a ride...good for cleaning too
Ever wondered if the witches use the brooms to ride, what do they use to clean their house.
15th November 2005 :: City of darkness
City of darkness
I saw a movie 6-7 years ago called City of darkness where it was always night. Although it was shot when the sun was still up but it still reminds me of the same movie.
14th November 2005 :: Let me outta here
Let me outta here
Manu has learned to walk while holding something a couple of months ago and he has been exploring the house and seems like now he is ready to go out.
13th November 2005 :: Camera shy?
Camera shy?
This small little Micky belongs to Manu. I don't like Mickey all that much when it comes to cartoons but this one is quite something. The way he is sitting, his eyes and his smile makes him quite irrestible.
12th November 2005 :: Filtered light
Filtered light
This shot was taken some time ago. It was before the monsoon was over. I specially like the Filtered light
11th November 2005 :: Andheri
At this time of the year, the clouds are great in Bombay.
10th November 2005 :: Guard and pole
Guard and pole
One morning while sitting with Manu and Mira downstairs, I saw the security guard partially hidden behind the pole and it reminded me the hide and seek game he plays with Manu every morning.
9th November 2005 :: Mightier than sword
Mightier than sword
A shot similar to the one I uploaded yesterday. Who says fountain pens are out dated, they make very good props for phot shoots like this.
8th November 2005 :: Kuchoo looks for his glasses
Kuchoo looks for his glasses
An attempt to take stock images kind of image. I guess it worked out okay. Look out for another one tommorow.
7th November 2005 :: Shining bright on a rainy night
Shining bright on a rainy night
Once again an image from my archives taken quite some time ago. Mira pointed out how the nice the light in Fantasy Land was looking and I picked up the camera and took a few shots and this one is the one I liked among the lot. I like the way the wet floor is complimenting the golden tint.
6th November 2005 :: Mumbai Police
Mumbai Police
This cop was standing outside our society and I sort of bullied him into getting photographed as he was shying away from my camera. Never seen such a mild mannered cop in my life before.
5th November 2005 :: I am soooooo mad at you
I am soooooo mad at you
Don't know what the reason is but he seems quite mad at the other guy.
4th November 2005 :: So this is how it is done...
So this is how it is done...
The same clown that has made a couple of appearance on this site. This time he ahs come with a couple of friend and one of them seems to be teaching him tricks of the trade.
3rd November 2005 :: Man at work
Man at work
Another image from the archive. This is the same guy I posted some days ago.
2nd November 2005 :: Incredicar
I have posted another picture of this car in last month. This time around Mr Incredible seems to have found his car key. Check out the previous image if you don't know what I am talking about.
1st November 2005 :: Window and blinds
Window and blinds
Like people have cravings for chocolates, cigarettes or alcohol, I have a craving for taking pictures. My desire to take pictures is not helped by the fact that I have a regular 9 to 5 job so I keep taking pictures in the office itself.