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30th June 2005 :: Keeping a watch
Keeping a watch
The guard of our society. Seems like wondering how it would have been out there instead of in here.
29th June 2005 :: Droplets on my window
Droplets on my window
Same thing, different place, different window. Similar subject as of yesterdays shot but a different viewpoint and a differend window, this time from my home.
28th June 2005 :: Droplets on my window
Droplets on my window
While still grounded by the rains, I decided to take the pictures of the rains itself.
27th June 2005 :: Rain
One thing I don't get tired of photographing is the view from my home. It is great and keeps changing, it is dynamic and you can see the day and the seasons changing in it. This is the same place at it's best.
26th June 2005 :: Perfume
Monsoon is preventing me from going out and taking pictures so I have to be content with taking pictures indoors. A late night at work resulted in this.
25th June 2005 :: Let there be light
Let there be light
On my way to office I looked up and saw this beautiful sight and just had to stop and take a picture of it. This looks like what you see in the movies just before the god appears. I kept watching for a while but noone appeared for me
24th June 2005 :: Father and son
Father and son
This is one of the rare shot of me and Manu. Rare because it is mostly me who is taking the pictures. I am sitting on one of the bench downstairs and in the background is the slide and se-saw in the pit made for kids to play.
23rd June 2005 :: My foot
My foot
The only time I can take effective close-up shots of Manu is when he is sleeping because that is when he will be still long enough for me to take a shot
22nd June 2005 :: I love you too son
I love you too son
My bhabhi picked up a few shorts for my Manu while we were there. I don't think she was reading what was written on them but still she picked up something that is quite close to my heart.
21st June 2005 :: Self portrait
Self Portrait
I have never posted so many shots of people together as I have done this time. This is the last (probably). After I borrowed the tripod from Kritika and took all the photographs from my terrace that I wanted, I was wondering what to do next. I decided to set up the tripod in my home and while I was doing it, I saw the reflection of the wall behind me in the window and this is the resulting shot.
20th June 2005 :: The Golden child
The Golden child
I have said earlier as well that a lot of my good shots happen by accident. I was trying to take close-up of Manu early morning while he was still asleep and this is what I got. This has been no post or pre processing in this image. The golden glow is the result of the morning light reflected by our mosquito net
19th June 2005 :: News
Manuraj has friends of all ages that includes quite old people as well. He is a Gujrati gentleman and plays with Manu every morning, he has a granddaughter about the same age as Manu. Here he is catching up with the news. I actually wanted to see another shot where he as well as the bench he is sitting on was visible in it's entirety but there were far too many things disturbing in the background.
18th June 2005 :: Chili and lemons
Chilli and lemons
To protect your property or belongings from the evil eyes, you tie chili and lemons on it. Here the same is seen outside the shack of a mochi (cobbler)
17th June 2005 :: Pigeon
A picture of a pigeon on the window of one of our neighbours. Photographed by Mira due to his unique look.
16th June 2005 :: JV Link Road at night
JV Link Road at night
I borrowed the tripod Kritika bought for her sister and went to my terrace to take some night shots. There are quite a few good shots that I will be uploading as a separate album
15th June 2005 :: After dark
Mumbai is perhaps the only city in the country that enjoys 24 hours power supply. Last there was one of those rare power failures. In such lighting the entire office looks like a five star restaurant
14th June 2005 :: Eyes
Close-up of Manuraj's toy
13th June 2005 :: Sandals
Some kid must have been doing a lot of explaining to his mom about where he left his sandals
12th June 2005 :: Cola
Best bus thambs
A cold glass of cola on a hot weekend
11th June 2005 :: Best bus thamba (stop)
Best bus thambs
BEST bus stop of Fantasy Land, right outside my home
10th June 2005 :: Streetlamp
A streetlamp in greenfields society
A streetlamp in Greenfield society
9th June 2005 :: Watch my swatch
Watch my swatch
For about 18 months they plastered the walls, now the walls are plastered with swatches like this. I am willing to bet a substantial amount to money that finally they will choose a light colour like white, cream or something like it.
8th June 2005 :: Cat and my motorcycle
Cat and my motorcycle
The cats here are quite bold as they feel protected in the society so they are sometimes kind enough to oblige like this.
7th June 2005 :: Heavy cloud but no rain
Heavy cloud, no rain
A picture taken of Aarey Milk colony during a dry practice run of monsoon.
6th June 2005 :: Rickshaw
Taken on our way back home from Irla last weekend. I like they way it has come out but wish there were a little more objects with light.
5th June 2005 :: Lensman Mr. Aloke Das Gupta
Lensman Mr. Alok Das Gupta
My next door neighbour and lensman Mr. Alok Das Gupta. He started his career with the famous Hindi movie “Chalti ka naam Gaadi”. He has been working in the industry for more than 50 years. Usually behind the camera, in one of those rare moments, caught on it.
4th June 2005 :: Pao Bhaji
Pao Bhaji
Eating at Juhu chowpaty is a bloody rip-off, you have to pay 35 bucks for a pao bhaji, same thing that you will get else where for 10-15 bucks.
3rd June 2005 :: Kala Khatta
Kala Khatta
Everybody says how unhygienic it is but no one can resist it.
2nd June 2005 :: Gimme a hug
Gimme a hug
Gimme a hug my buddy. This is what Manu seems to be telling this tweety.
1st May 2005 :: Swing
While there is almost a queue for it in the evenings, usually there is no taker in the mornings. I wish they had not made the place underneath it with concrete. You should provide something soft to land on just in case a kids falls down. (Actually a few have hurt themselves quite badly)