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31st July 2005 :: Mr. Hiranandani
Mr. Hiranandani
Mr. Hiranandani is one of the gang of the retired people and he is the first person we spoke to after moving in our current house. A very friendly person, he readily agreed for a picture. This is the first portrait I have of a stranger. In this case, he is not a stranger but he isn't some one I'd normally photograph either.
30th July 2005 :: Bottle opener
Bottle opener
During my visit to London last year, I bought this bottle opener which was lying quietly in a bag until it was found while exploring some stuff a few days ago and at that time I was also looking for object I could photograph inside the house and this couldn't be left out.
29th July 2005 :: “Mi mard maratha aahe.”
Mi mard maratha aahe.
A lot of people running picture blogs have posted portraits of complete strangers they have asked to pose. So far I have not managed to do so and all the pictures I post on the site are candid. One reason for this is I still feel a little apprehensive in doing it and second I feel the pictures you get when people know they are being photographed are not as good. This picture was taken on Western Express Highway while coming home in a rickshaw.
28th July 2005 :: Hmmm...tastes good.
Mmmmm...tastes good.
Kids usually suck their thumbs but Manu likes sucking his toes. This picture was taken a few days ago when he didn't knew how to crawl. Presently he is too busy exploring the house and doesn't get time for leisure activities like this.
27th July 2005 :: Need a butt job?
Need a butt job?
This is another sign that was supposed to say something else, just like the Sign for the Fantasy Land bus stop. For those who can't read Hindi, this sign says Buttmaker and is the sign for a shoe shot called bootmaker. Amazing what one small slip can do.
26th July 2005 :: Soaked umbrella
Soaked umbrella
I have been planing to make a separate gallery for Monsoon but keep posting more and more monsoon pice here. This is the umbrella after a rain. This shot is quite similar in composition to another shot of umbrella I posted a few days ago.
25th July 2005 :: “My front window”
My front window
Now Manu has found a new way to enjoy the rain. I put a couple of pillows on the bed and he stands on them to look outside the window. He quite enjoys the view as can be seen here.
24th July 2005 :: It's time...
It's time...
My colleagues bought a painting for one of the guy who was quitting as a farewell gift. When I quit, I told them that they better pick up something better for me. I was looking for a time piece a few days earlier and one of my mate, Ajay, knew that I didn't end up buying anything so they bought this for me. The alarm is something like waking up in a zoo, you can't miss it, you have to get up.
23rd July 2005 :: Boot the butt
Boot the butt
Hmmm. the title sounds like a great slogan for quit smoking campaign. This is an ashtray owned by my neighbour Mr. Aloke Dasgupta. I was planning to photograph it for quite some time and got around to doing it last weekend. This is again an accidental image. I have to switch off the flash every time I switch from shooting to preview mode and I have said it quite often that I don't like using the flash. I forgot to switch it off and it fired and I quite liked the result.
22nd July 2005 :: Care for a stampede
Care for a stampede
Mira bought these elephants when we went to the Elephant caves last year. By the way, a visit to elephanta caves is quite disappointing. One there is noting there to see and two whatever is there has been vandalised despite it being a world heritage site.
21st July 2005 :: Table for two?
Table for two?
Please come in sir. Table for two? Another image of the pantry of my office.
20th July 2005 :: Dinner?
No this is not a plush Mumbai restaurant. This is the pantry of my office. I wanted to photograph it for a while and got the chance to do it last Friday when I was in the office till midnight when it was completely empty and spotless clean. This looks quite neat but in this image this is just too much. I guess this is the kind of images companies use to lure prospective employees.
19th July 2005 :: Mary Poppins
Mary poppins
In Delhi I have an umbrella that is quite big, the kind companies make for promotional events. I was looking for it for a very long time and managed to find it last weekend. It has 18 wires and the colour of all clothes is different. Many was quite fascinated by it and he was playing with it, the image that came to mind was Mary Poppins. Although this image is a little blurred but I still like it because of the light filtering through it.
18th July 2005 :: Round and round
Round and round
This is a close-up of the inside of the umbrella I bought last weekend. This somehow remind me of a merry go round or some other ride. From today I am starting a new feature on this site. A RSS feed. Now you can syndicate this site by clicking the RSS2 button placed next to the next and back buttons below each image.
17th July 2005 :: Cards
This is one of the many images of cards I took and a lot of them turned out to be completely useless specially the ones that were taken from a very steep angle. It's best to photograph these flat 2D objects from front rather than at an angle
16th July 2005 :: I'm too sexy for my pants...
I'm too sexy for my pants...
Nothing special about this image. In fact there is a blur in it but still I couldn't resist the temptation of posting this image. These pants are to die for. What say?
15th July 2005 :: What's new?
What's new?
As promised I am putting up a different picture today. This was taken on a morning while my next door neighbour and photographer Mr. Aloke Dasgupta was reading the news paper.
14th July 2005 :: This makes it a half 6-pack
This makes it a half 6-pack
Three beers makes it a half 6-pack and I guess this is where I stop. As I have said this is the first time I have used the images of the same object more than once on this site.Tomorrow I will use a different image. The theme for tomorrow will be news.
13th July 2005 :: Some more beer, Mate?
Some more beer, Mate?
So far I have not repeated the pictures of the same object on this site and in doing so I have posted some not so good images while I had perfectly good images lying unutilized. This time I have decided that I break this rule so here is an image similar to the one I used yesterday. I will be posting another one tomorrow.
12th July 2005 :: Beer, mate?
Beer mate?
Normally the pictures I post on my site are mine in every respect but this one is inspired from an image I saw on a blog site a few days ago. I really liked the image and when I got these bottles of beer, I couldn't resist the temptation of taking a picture. Strange that while I was in Australia, I rarely had Foster's (enjoyed VB from same brewery though)
11th July 2005 :: “Wazzup?” Manu checking the rain.
Manuraj, like me, has been confined to indoors because of the rains. He can't go out so he enjoys the next best thing—the view from the window. Here he seems to be checking the height
10th July 2005 :: Fare
On the 1st of this month, I posted a picture of a rickshaw meter. I a posting one today again. The first picture had the entire meter and I guess it worked well since I was showing something which many people outside India won't have seen but I like this one better. Shot of a similar meter but a much tighter crop and a different perspective. What so you say?
9rd July 2005 :: Girl tying chili lemon to rickshaw
Girl tying chilli lemon to rickshaw
A girl tying chili and lemon to a rickshaw to save it from evil.
8th July 2005 :: Cotton...linen...or silk?
Cotton...linen...or silk?
The dial of my steam iron.
7th July 2005 :: Andheri Kurla River
Andheri Kurla River
No it's not Venice but the idea of BMC to give the Mumbaikars a feel of how It would be like spending holidays there. This is the water coming on Andheri Kurla Road from an overflowing sewer. Every time it rains, I look at it and feel I should get a boat instead of a car.
6th July 2005 :: Italian beauty in a wet dress
Italian beauty in a wet dress
This is an old fiat that is parked in my housing society. Seems like the car has lived way past it's use by date and now is ready for its final journey in a coffin or has it been mummified?
5th July 2005 :: Flower
A lot of flowers couldn't stand the rain and the compound was littered with these flowers.
4th July 2005 :: Cutting edge
Cutting edge
Most of the people have moved to compact razors now but I still like using the old safety razor. This is the blade used in that razor.
3rd July 2005 :: Chocolate wrapper
 Chocolate wrapper
A wrapper of chocolate. I took a few shots for the used theme of Photofriday and was rather disappointed with the results. This was the only one worth using uploading.
2nd July 2005 :: A view from Auto Rickshaw
A view from Auto Rickshaw
This is Andheri Kurla road at night. I usually don't get a chance to photograph it from this perspective as I am riding the bike. This is another photo opportunity monsoon provides.
1st July 2005 :: Rickshaw meter
Rickshaw meter
These meters are really old. So old that the fare they show is about 1/10 of the actual fare. You check what the fare is on the meter than you check it with a tariff card and pay accordingly. If one has to do this, a better situation would be creating a tariff card based on the distance you covered. You look at the speedometer and see the distance traveled and then pay according to the tariff card. This would just eliminate the need of a meter like this one.