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31st August 2005 :: Trade Star
   Trade Star
“This prime property is situated at the banks of Andheri Kurla River. Gentlemen it offers you the best view during the monsoon. Keep following me, now let's move on to...” This possible can be the way the people sell space in Traed Star, a building located on Andheri Kurla raid that turns into a river every time it rains for longer than 5 minutes.
30th August 2005 :: Looking in or looking out?
I have been doing some picture of reflections. This is the reflection of the building right opposite the departure termial of Bombay airport. I wish the airport was lit a little better so that I could get a better view of inside and a little less of the reflection.
29th August 2005 :: Juhu
The weekend was a little hectic as I was out on both days. I didn't really have anytime to do something for today so here is a shot I had taken during the long weekend of Independence day. Yesterday went to the Phoenix Mill compound in Parel (which is now converted to a shopping mall and took some good images. Will be posting them in the next few days.
28th August 2005 :: Shoes?
One thing Manu doesn't like is wearing shoes or slevved shirts and anything that is longer than shorts.
27th August 2005 :: Tabasco sacue:Cat repellent
Tabasco sacue:Cat repellent
I watched a programme on Discovery in which they said that the CIS detectives used to keep messages for other and to avoid them being picked up by someone else, they'd put a dead rat on it. It kept away the people but the dead rats were tempting for the cats. To keep the cats away, they started puting tabasco sauce on it.
26th August 2005 :: Haji ali
Haji ali
This is Haji Ali, not too far from Mahalaxmi in Bombay. It is made about half a kilometer inside the sea and you can go there only during low tide, during the high tide the water comes over the path. While taking this picture, I lost my camera case.
25th August 2005 :: Gripe water
Gripe water
Woodward gripe water is a very famous brand. My mom gave this to me and now we give it to my son. What strikes me the most is that nothing has changed about it. The design is the same, the printing is still single colour, the bottle is still wrapped in a blue paper and while every one else is using plastic bottles, it still comes in a glass bottle. Another thing is that the bottle along with the lable looks like a quart or gin from a distance
24th August 2005 :: Paneer tikka
Paneer tikka
We have been trying out verious things ever since we have bought an OTG. This is what we made the very first day after unpacking it. The paneer tikka didn't work out as well as I thought because the pieces of paneer started sagging, as far as the taste was concerned, it was not bad at all.
23rd August 2005 :: Guess what this is
Guess what this is
No, I don't have any umbrelly fetish and I won't like one for my next birthday. It is just that they seem to give me too many picture opportunities and I keep grabbing them. This close up of the handle was shot on a weekend and I am feeling a little uncomfortable posting yet another umbrella picture.
22nd August 2005 :: Reach out and touch someone(something)
TReach out and touch someone(something)
Manu indeed like to reach out for everything. Ever since he has discoverd how he can use his hands and feet, he has been chasing things. Here he is trying o catch the chime in our living room. Quite a few times he has grabbed it and broken it.
21st August 2005 :: The table with a view
The table with a view
I guess you'd be happy if you go to a restaurant and your table gives you this kind of a view.
20th August 2005 :: What about a hot cuppa?
Solo sky diving
Earlier I have posted pictures of or pantry shot during the night. Here are some more shot during the day. This is also my entry for the photofriday theme one. Tell me what do you think about it. I like the lighting very much bow the area near the windows in brightly lit and the rest is dark.
19th August 2005 :: Solo sky diving
Solo sky diving
Picture of the same structure as yesterday. I didn't intend to post two images of the same thing but couldn't resist posting this one as I quite like. I guess it would have looked better if the other figures were not visible at all but I still am going ahead with this because I like the composition of this one. What do you say?
18th August 2005 :: Sky diving in boxer shorts
Sky diving in boxer shorts
This is an installation at the Crossroads in Bombay. I wanted to take some images from the top but my memory card was full. I guess I will have to wait till my next visit.
17th August 2005 :: Street light
Street light
The sky at that time was not as dark as it is in this picture. Initially I thought of correcting it but I guess it looks better as it is.
16th August 2005 :: Concrete jungle
Concrete jungle
Ever since there has been waterlogging in the city of Bombay, there has been discussions about how we have exploited the city and how we have managed to screw up everything by mindless, unplanned construction. Here is a picture of the concrete jungle we live and work in.
15th August 2005 :: Our country's future
Our country's future
In the morning there was a flag hoisting ceremony in our society because of Independence day. 58 years on, this seems like a good image as it has our country's flag and it's future. Later today, I was watching some show on TV where the freedom fighters were quite angry for hat the country has come to. I sincerely hope that the future is brighter than the present..
14th August 2005 :: Tracks or...
Tracks or...
While trying to take some pictures from my window, I saw the channels for window panes and thought what kind of image I can get if I go really close shot. This is the result and I think it is not too bad. Tell me what do you say.
13th August 2005 :: Trash bin
Trash bin
What can I say, this is the trash bin in my office. This serves dual purpose, of a trash bin and a bin for keeping umbrellas in the monsoon.
12th August 2005 :: Soar like and eagle and circle like a chopper
Soar like and eagle and circle like a chopper
This is the first time I am posting two pictures on one day. Initially I wanted to put one today and another one tomorrow but then I felt it makes more sense together. These pictures were taken from the roof of our office. The eagle was enjoying his flight and the chopper was waiting for his turn to land.
11th August 2005 :: When it rains, it pours
When it rains, it pours
Well I guess the future civilizations will figure out that this picture is taken from behind a window for a different reason and the photographer may not have been really confined to this place. The rain drops tell the entire story.
10th August 2005 :: Locked up again?
Locked up again?
Another one of the picture taken from the window but this time it is not the Leela Hotel. What I like in this image is the way the scene outside the office is blending in with the reflection of office and the camera. Tell me is it something really good or is it something I like just because I have photographed it. Watch this space tomorrow for another picture from a window, this time from my home.
9th August 2005 :: Leela Hotel
Leela Hotel
I guess if the humanity ends tomorrow and they a new civilization evolves and discover us thousands of years later like we discovered the Harappa civilization, they might be intrigued by the images I have. I won't blame them from thinking that I am under some sort of arrest. I lot of images taken through the windows suggest this.
8th August 2005 :: Grandfather and grandson
Portrait of an old man
What I really enjoy is photographing my son and my dad. I guess one can see a lot of affection between me and my son and between me and my dad but the affection between my son and my dad is something beyond words. Maybe it comes because of age.
7th August 2005 :: Portrait of an old man
Portrait of an old man
This picture was taken at the same time as the portrait of Mr. Hiranandani I posted on 31st of last month. He is a friend of Mr. Hiranandani and lives in our housing society but I don't know his name.
6th August 2005 :: My eye (photograph by Mira)
My eye-photograph by Mira
This is a picture of my eye Mira took while fooling around with the camera. This picture was taken inside the hose and without a tripod so obviously it is a little blurred. I still like this image but can't figure out why. Help me out here if you can, if you like this image, tell me why.
5th August 2005 :: Manu in bedroom
Manu in bedroom
Just like it is not possible not posting an image of umbrella, I guess it is not possible not posting an image of Manu so here he is. Ever since he has learned to crawl, he;s been exploring the house. Usually he starts from the living room and go to the kitchen but on this occasion, he chose to go to the bed room instead. Here he is looking back to see if I am following him or not. I am not, he'll stay there but I am, he will crawl as fast as he can. The towels you see hanging on the top right of the image are courtesy Mumbai rains.
4th August 2005 :: A closed umbrella
A closed umbrella
How is it possible that a week shall pass without me posting a picture of an umbrella. It is raining quite heavily in Mumbai for quite some time and you will need to have your umbrella open whenever you step outside, this shot of a closed umbrella was taken or a relatively dry day.
3rd August 2005 :: Shops in Taxila
 Shops in Taxila
This shot was taken during the same trip as the one I posted yesterday but the rickshaw was not moving when I took this shot. I was thinking of cropping this image and retain only the reflections of the shops but I guess it looks better as it is.
2nd August 2005 :: A moving BEST double Decker
A moving BEST double decker
I sensed a monotony in the kind of shots I was taking recently and decided to take a little different shots so I decided to take my camera out and start clicking while on move in a rickshaw. This is not the best picture of a bus I have taken but I guess it represents the spirit of Mumbai-always on the move...unless it is raining.
1st August 2005 :: Dad reading a magazine
Dad reading a magazine
This is another portrait but unlike yesterday, this is not of a stranger, this is my dad in the picture. It is very easy to take his pictures because he doesn't get conscious even if he knows that a camera is pointed at him. I have a point and shoot camera where I have to depend on the camera to decide how it wants to take the pictures so it was quite difficult to get this effect but finally I managed.