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31st May 2006 :: From flower pot to trash bin
From flower pot to trash bin

What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet... or would wither as quickly.

30th May 2006 :: Misleading Image #3 : Mumbai skyline
Misleading Image #3 : Mumbai skyline

By repeatedly showing the skyline, they have the entire world convinced that Bombay is a city like New York. While the chief minister has a vision to make Mumbai like Shanghai, there is still a very long and steep way ahead.

29th May 2006 :: Misleading Image #2 : Lights, camera, action
Misleading Image #2 : Lights, camera, action

The perception is that Mumbai is the film city of India and your trip to bmbay is not complete unless you see a film shoot. In 2 years and a half, I have seen only one film shoot. With most of the produers opting to do the outdoor shoot overseas, you'd be hard pressed finding a shoot here...unless you are willing to visit a studio.

28th May 2006 :: Misleading Image #1 : Oasis
Misleading Image #1 : Oasis

For the newxt few days I am going to post some misleading images, the kind that are usually used to give others a feel of what Mumbai is. This picture is taken in our housing society. This gives an impression that Mumbai is very green and has lot of open spaces. Only the person who has lived here knows the truth.

27th May 2006 :: Chain for the lock or the lock for the chain
Chain for the lock or the lock for the chain

This is a chain locked to a light pole in my building. I don't know if the chain is there to protect the lock or the lock is there to protect the chain. I am waiting for my camera to be fixed and am thinking about buying Canon S2 IS if it is not fixed.

21st May 2006 :: Sunday bloody Sunday
Sunday bloody Sunday

My camera broke down...again. The cost to repair it is coming to a quarter of the camera's cost and I also think that the guy is just trying to rip me off so I am not getting it repaired. I am not in a position to buy a new one right now as well. I am not famous/big/good enough for any camera company to sponsor my gear either. I am also not at all pleased with all this and am not in a mood to post new least for some time. This means there may not be any updates in the next few days. After that I will have to raid my archines. When that exhausts, only god knows.

20th May 2006 :: “Get out of may you stupid car”
Get out of may you stupid car

“...and wipe that stupid grin off your face before I do it for you.” This is what Mr. Incredible seems to be telling the smily car that is showing off her teeth like Ashish Nehra. Does anyone else feel that Ashish Nehra has more than just 32 teeth, say maybe around 50.

18th May 2006 :: “I like it...but it's too loud”
I like it...but its too loud

Mira and I have our different reasons to be fascinated by stone/beads jewelry like this. I like the bright colours and the attractive shapes because they make nice subject for photography. Mira likes them, she sees a lot of women wearing this kind of stuff but so far have not been able to get the courage to wear it herself.

17th May 2006 :: Panoramic view of Marine Drive
Panoramic view of Marine Drive

Thanks a lot for the comments on the last two posts. Much appreciated. This is a panoramic shot of Marine Drive. Click here for the bigger image. Check out another shot of Marine Drive during the night. You can also read more about the interesting drive to the Marine Drive here.

16th May 2006 :: Waiting for my flight
Waiting for my flight

Well, a shot quite similar to the one I posted yesterday. I liked both of them and couldn't decide which one to post so posted both of them. He is waiting for his flight to Germany.

15th May 2006 :: Germany, Here I come
Germany, Here I come

With the world cup football round the corner, Manu is all ready to join the action. Zidane is going to retire after the world cup, Oliver Kahn has been sidelined..with so many great players bowing out after the world cup, Manu has a lot of scope to make an impression. Download a desktop of the same image.

14th May 2006 :: Don't walk
Dont walk

It took my almost an year, but I finally managed to gather enough courage to drive to Marine Drive. I don't know the way to town and am paranoid about driving in Bombay so it was a major achievement for me. It wasn't that bad and we managed to avoid any traffic jams. This is one of the traffic signal on the Marine Drive.

13th May 2006 :: Ganne ka ras (Sugarcane juice)
Ganne ka ras-Sugarcane juice

The fascination of Indians with Hindi movies can be seen in shops of fruit juices. The signs show the favorite actors of the vendor more prominently than the product itself. This shop sells sugarcane juice and the most prominent ting here is Salman Khan, a famous Bollywood actor. He is now on bail but faces 5 years in prison for killing Black bucks.

12th May 2006 :: The boy with a green thumb
The boy with a green thumb

One day I went to the second floor of my Delhi house with Manu where my brother lives and came down in a few minutes. Manu started crying and just won't stop and kept saying Mumm..mummm (water). After a few minutes I realised what he wanted and took him to the terrace so he could water the plants. Back in Delhi, this used to be an integral part of his schedule.

11th May 2006 :: My home in my phone
Things move a little slowly here

This is another of those shots that happen by accident. While trying to take some pictures of my phone, I saw the reflection of my living room in it. The pictures of the phone didn't turn out to be too good but I am resonably happy with this one. Do let me know what you think.

10th May 2006 :: Tyre with muscle and a kitten
Tyre with muscle and a kitten

This is one of the kitten in our society and for the past few days, much to Manu's amusement, it is seen around our building. A few nights ago Manu sat down with it on the ground and finally gathered the courage to touch it. For those who don't know “Tyres with muscle” is the tag line of MRF tyres. You can even see part of the muscleman on the left of the tyre.

9th May 2006 :: Bugger. It's full of seeds, not pulp
Bugger It is full of seeds, not pulp

Mira has a theory that people who eat fast are short-tempered and peple who eat too slowly are eccentric. I eat too fast. To slow myself down, I eat a little, then take pictures of my food and then eat again. In Hindi this fruit is called “Lukat”. Do let me know what it is called in English if you know.

8th May 2006 :: Take me higher
Take me higher

Ever since the society has put small pebblesover the concrete, we have allowed Manu to explore this area that has a swing, a slide and a seesaw. It's amazing how intuitive the kids are, he had no problem in figuring what the handle bar is for, on this ride as well as on my motor cycle. First time on the motor cycle, he even knew he had to leave the throttle and the clutch for me.

7th May 2006 :: Statesman House
Statesman House

Just outside the Metro station of Barakhamba Road is this building called Statesman House. I quite liked this building and no mater what I did, I couldn't get a shot that I was really happy with so that is why you see the sepia tint and the noise.

6th May 2006 :: Qutb Minar
Things move a little slowly here

Another shot of Qutb Minar taken on the same as this but a little later in the evening.

It feels nice when you post a comment when you like a picture and I equally appreciate commenst that say whay you don't like an image andand more importantly why. That fedback from you helps in improving my pictures. Keep it coming.

5th May 2006 :: Curls

I use the cable of a really old phone as my key chain. I never had any problem of it getting tangled up in all these curls but the cables of newer phones are a nightmare. The way they get entangled is not funny. More often than not, when I pick up the reciever, the entire phone comes along with it. Try this image with the black theme. Thanks a lot for all the comments lately. Much appreciated :)

4th May 2006 :: Goal gappe
Goal gappe

Well, the Miumbaikars may feel that life in Delhi is slow but the goal gappe (pani puri), bhalla-papdi, tikki and chaat served there are out of this world and something you can't find in Bombay. Every afternoon at about 12.30 pm, this guy would come and stand in front of my house (the house at the top right edge) in Delhi. 3.30pm was for the kulfi guy.

3rd May 2006 :: “Make me look like Sharukh Khan”
Make me look like Sharukh Khan

Getting a hair cut in the morning breeze is something most of us have not enjoyed. Like many other businesses in India, hair saloons are also run in the open air, next to the road. This is on the boundry of the same park where Manu was checking out the stumps. UMT or “Under Mango Tree” is what we used to call these as kids when it was unthinkable to get a haircut from them but now, with nothing much to lose, I'd be open to experience it once.

2nd May 2006 :: Things move a little slowly here
Things move a little slowly here

One reason people Mumbaikars tell me for not liking any other city is the pace of life. “Live is very slow there.” Looking at this rickshaw puller in front of my house in Delhi, one has to agree with them. I have seen taxi and rickshaw drivers and other people sleeping on the road in front of my house in Bombay but none as relaxed and peacefull as this. You tell me, is there anything wrong in being relaxed?

1st May 2006 :: I'm stumped
I am stumped

“Hmmm... Let's see. I've got hair like Andrew Symonds and height of Sachin Tendulkar, what more do I need to be cricket star?” Manu checking out the stumps of the kids who are busy looking for their ball after it was hit for a six. On another note, thanks a lot for your continuing supports and the feedback and comments about the images. Do keep them coming.