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25th June 2008 :: Red rose, red ribbon

After quite a long time, I have posted a picture that is a typical Picturejockey shot. The monsoon has arrived in Bombay and it usually confines you to your home. Next week if I am not taking Manu to the zoo, I will be taking some pictures at home. I guess it is about time.

24th June 2008 :: My sunflower

Manu's school is celebrating the environment week and today the kids are supposed to be dressed like a tree or a flower or a vegetable or something like that. On Saturday I asked Manu's teacher if she can tell me a shop where I can rent a costume but she suggested doing something at home itself. Last night I bought some coloured papers and glue and made a sunflower that can be attached to his uniform. Since it was the first time I did something like this, I made a flower that is a little too big for Manu. Tomorrow I will post a picture of Manu dressed as a sunflower.

22nd June 2008 :: Red flowers

As I mentioned yesterday, It has been a long time since I have taken any pictures and the blog also is not updated very frequently either. The result it my rhythym is gone. Now when I am posting a pictures, I am just taking a random pic and piosting it here. I guess this is the idea of blogging but this is not how I have blogged in past. It is a little difficult to put it in wordsbut I kinda feel lost when I am looking for a picture to post. I hope I will be more regular in the coming days.

21st June 2008 :: 85 days

It's been 85 days since I have gone somewhere with the intentin of taking pictures. After that I have taken pictures either because I was visiting some place like the National park or a beach or I have taken picures in case there was something that needed to be documented like the kitchen cabined which was chewed by a rat one night.

11th June 2008 :: Tree with leaves problem

You can see all of these trees are suffering from a leaf-loss problem. All but one tree have lost all their leaves. The tree in the center was just like the tress around it. Till he discovered Dr. Usmani's ayurvedic treatment “Bonsang ying yang” for leaf-loss. It is an amazing solution.

10th June 2008 :: Let there be light

This is not the most accessible place even now when Bombay is so crowded. It must have been insanely out of reach when Buddhist monks who made these caves. To make it worse, this was a forest full of all sorts of animals at that time including tigers. I don't know what inspired them to go to such a far off place. I would like to know how far away and how frequently those people traveled.

3rd June 2008 :: Under lock and key

“Here. Guard this with your life. The future of the entire country depends on it”
“OK, I will keep it locked and make sure no one gets hold of it.”

A few days later

“Can I get the documents I gave you. Quick”
“Sure, I'll be back in a jiffy with a locksmith”
“A locksmith?”
“Yes. To open the lock... don't you remember I told you I will keep it locked”
“I remember, but I don't remember you telling me that you will need a locksmith to open the lock... ”
“I guess it was obvious enough. If I meant to say I would have the key as well I would have said 'I 'll keep it under lock and key' instead of saying 'I'll keep it locked'.

This is how the term “keep it under lock and key” was invented. Just to make it foolproof. :: Defining Your Blogs Worth: TopSites: