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25th May 2008 :: On gentle push

A strong breeze and they will all roll down, this is what looks like but is not really true.

24th May 2008 :: One leve up

I wonder if there is some sort of hierarchy among pigeons that decides on which floor of the building they will sit on. If there is then I would say this building certainly is a top heavy.

23rd May 2008 :: Let's try something different

This tree attracted me because of the leaves growing on the trunk. I can't hemp comparing it to a mole that has hair on a part of body that generally is free of hair. This remind me of the practical joke that god played on me (and most men of our family). He must have been bored making people that generally had the same specifications.

22nd May 2008 :: No time even to scratch the itch

I love what I do and I thorougly enjoy a day at work...unless the day becomes longer than it should as they are in the past week and this week too. I have way too much on my plate to think about anything else including updating this blog.

18th May 2008 :: Time for a drink

On a hot afternoon what more would you want than a cold drink. In my case it could have been a beer but this sparrow had to be content with cold water. I guess she can't have beer till they have a regulation against drunk driving and flying.

17th May 2008 :: Teri pyari pyari surat ko...

At every intersection in Bombay you can see kids selling nimbu mirchi. It is red chilli and a lemon tied to a string that people tie on their cars and other vehicles to ward off evil eyes.

16th May 2008 :: Dry trees move to the left of the road, greens to the right

Amazing, isn't it? On the left of the road you have dry trees and on the right you have the green ones.

Sometimes I feel I don't pay attention to quite a lot of important things and one more such thing was pointed by my neighbor about the faulty fare meters when I shared a rick with him to railway station in the morning. “See the meter right now reads 23 bucks, if you had taken a MH-03 rick, it would have easily shown 25-26 bucks”.

15th May 2008 :: Yellow Fever

I have a total of three images that I want to post of the Laburnum trees, this is the second one.

14th May 2008 :: Laburnum trees on the way to Kanheri Caves

This time of the year the flowers bloom on the Laburnum and Gulmohur trees. The Laburnum trees shed flowers faster than rabbits breed which results in flowers piling on the below the trees. There were quite a few Laburnum trees on the road to Kanheri Caves. And looking the flowers on the ground you can see I am not exaggerating about the breeding rabbits comparison.

13th May 2008 :: A fake tiger

A white Tiger at the Lion and Tiger Safari at Borivalli National Park in Mumbai, India. At the ticket stall of the safari, there was a small exhibition that had information about the animals along with some stautes of the tigers and lions. When Manu saw this Tiger, he said it is was a fake one. He was convinced that this is actually a tiger when he saw on of them moving. "If he is real one, why is not speaking" He was expecting him to roar.

12th May 2008 :: Arabian Sea

This is the Arabian sea. This shot was taken during our recent visit to Aksa beach. There is no post processing involved and the camera was not on any "scene" mode to get this sort of effect.

Went to Hyderabad on Friday. The new airport they have is simply fantastic. What is not fantastic is the entry.

8th May 2008 :: Bharat Harish

It seems like yesterday only that I went to the nursing home after his birth. In the evening I had gone to Ashutosh's birthday with Nitesh on his green Bajaj Chetak where a rickshaw puller was agitatted by a wise comment I made. It seems like yesterday but it was 16 years ago. Much has changed in those 16 years, and yet nothing seems to have changed.

7th May 2008 :: There is lot of money to be made. So who is in?

“The question is not what I will do for a million dollars. The Question is what I won't do for a million dollars...and it scares me that there are not many things in that list” is what Steven—my boss in Australia said when “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” was launched in Australia. Money indeed makes you do a lot of things.

6th May 2008 :: Manu and agarbatti

The images taken with auto setting came out good but the smoke was not looking good due to shutter speed. I took this shot at manual settings. The smoke is still blurred but I guess I the image overall is looking fine. Looking carefully you will see the end of agarbatti or the incense stick is shoved inside a small potato.

5th May 2008 :: Doodh ka doodh, pani ka pani

Hans or Hands is the icon of R K SWAMY and other Hansa group of companies. It has the power to separate milk from water and signifies the core values of the Hansa and R K SWAMY which is the ability to:

  • separate the core from the mass,
  • the essential from the irrelevant.

In a nutshell this signifies my life at the moment too. The work and leisure has been separated and it is now all work and no leisure. Due to the tight deadlines I didn't have any time to think about anyhing else. No blogging, no visiting other blogs, 300 unread messages in the inbox, no speaking to friends. Nothing but work. :: Defining Your Blogs Worth: TopSites: